He definitely was a shot in the DARK!!

Huffington Post

Former RNC Chair Fires Back At Claim He Was Only Hired Because He Was Black

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele on Friday blasted a leading conservative’s speech, which claimed that he had only been hired because he is black, as “painfully stupid.”

Republicans had elected Steele to the post in 2009 because “he was a black guy,” Ian Walters, the communications director for Conservative Political Action Conference, claimed at a CPAC dinner on Friday evening.

The picture will speak for itself: bull

When the unknown democrat Bay-Rock O-bomb-a was elected as the 1st black (half black & white) president of the USA, the repo-ublicinas that just got all of their cars repoed, had to save face.  In a desperation move to regain their power, they figured they may have a chance  if they had their OWN black man as the head of their party. I did not turn out so well.

If my memory serves me; this dude went hog wild, spending the party’s $oldi like a drunk sailor, or just hit the lottery,  or a rich uncle just bought the farm leaving him well healed. This dude went so out of control, the powers to be had to yank his ass back to reality by taking away the stars they had just promoted him to. He was no longer a 5 ***** General – he was once again just an ordinary PFC.

Michael Steele’s tarnished tenure | James Antle | Opinion | The Guardian



For Mikie to maintain he was not a token or a shot in the DARK is redicilous.  The guy was a foul ball that could not handle success, was spinning out of control and had to be relieved of duty before the party went broke.

To put it in perspective;  try to imagine what financial damage a guy could do that has been living on skid-row for 50 years, dead broke and out of the clear blue sky, someone gives him a BLACK AMX card, with on limit.  Same-O, Same-O


Gotta call them like we see them!!

Possibly someday some people in the spotlight will learn when axed a question; many times no answer at all is the safest answer.

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