Run Billy run – Hide Billy hide!!


Judge orders release of sealed Bill Clinton documents from Ken Starr probe

It is long overdue that Wild Bill is held accountable for his nefarious actions while sitting in the Big Chair or should I say, slouching. 

It is a common thing for people like WB to go over the edge; but with a young stary-eyed intern, while sitting on THE BIG CHAIR in the Oval Office and talking to a senator on the phone while he was being SERVICED; even Chuck Manson would find that unethical.

This very lengthy investigation began with the alleged suicide of Clinton adviser Vince Foster and the Clintons’ Whitewater real estate deal in Arkansas. It was later expanded to include accusations of sexual misconduct and perjury, including Clinton’s relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

I hope WB has a lot of Handy Wipes available to clean all that egg that is going to be hanging off of his face.


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We can conceivably put him in the same category with that guy Matt ‘ The Molester” Lauer.  They sit in their little Ivory Towers acting very judgmental and sanctimonious; all the while throwing stones at people that are far less  as degenerate as they are/were.

Was it a crime WB committed with that young lady being that it was consensual sex? Absolutely not, she was of legal age.

Speaking of age; Lewinsky is only 6 years older than WB’s daughter.  That in-it-self should have been a deterrent for him not to cross that dirty road.

I don’t know which was a worse crime; the sex acts with Lewinsky or the lies WB stuck too for so long after the fact.

It is about time the Clinton Machine is exposed for what it is.

This is the same guy that fools around the world pay big bucks to hear him speak. There isn’t one thing I can think of WB can say that would interest me.

How Bill And Hillary Clinton Made $240 Million In The Last 15 Years


Nov 8, 2016 – Since Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001, they have turned political fame into a personal fortune, raking in more than $240 million, according to a … In addition to the high-profile books and speaking gigs, he quietly earned several million dollars offering consulting to private companies.


To demonstrate the ignorance and the double standards of the fools in the dumb-o-cratic party concerning WB’s impeachment:

The trial in the United States Senate began right after the seating of the 106th Congress, in which the Republican Party began with 55 senators. A two-thirds vote (67 senators) was required to remove Clinton from office. 50 senators voted to remove Clinton on the obstruction of justice charge and 45 voted to remove him on the perjury charge; no member of his own Democratic Party voted guilty on either charge. Clinton, was acquitted on all charges. 

I can’t help but wonder if Lewinsky was there daughter; how would they have voted? No telling, they may have made her the sacrificial lamb.

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On the reverse side of the coin; these incidents have absolutely been substantiated that they occurred while WB was sitting/slouching in the Big Chair.  In all of their hypocritical wisdom (oxymoron); his own party acquitted him of all charges.

Talk about double standards. Now the same fools, 20 plus years later are attempting to send PDT to the gallows for what he did before he placed his hand on the bible. TOTAL HYPOCRISY.

I heard through a very reliable source; the dumb-o-crats are staring a rumor saying; PDT is claiming he invented CANCER, so when the cure is found (hopefully soon) he can say he found the cure. This is about as ridiculous as these fools are.

Do I agree that some of what PDT is accused of doing was not right?? Only a fool would condone such actions. BUTT, always the BIG BUTT; he did what he did before taking the Oath of Office.  Entirely a different story  from WB’s.

I hope that the Clinton’s’ get all that is coming to them. They have lived a protected and sheltered life ever since being part of the hippie movement while in college.

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