Sooner or later ….


I would assume that PDT is not a fool. A subject some may not agree with. A little rough around the edges in some areas, but he is a definitely as street savvy guy.  How wisely he uses his street smarts is another story entirely.

That being said; again I would assume that PDT knows, as sure as Sluggo and Nancy were a couple, and WW II was loud, sooner or later the truth about his extra-marital affairs are going to come crashing down on him and he will look almost as bad as Wild Bill Clinton did when he WAS FORCED to come clean.


I don’t really care what he did before putting his hand on the bible; as long as he was not a drug dealer, axe murderer or a child molester. What matters to me; he is doing his job as the POTUSA, to the best of his ability. So far, he has made decent strides in that direction. Not all have been positive. I will give him a 60% rating so far.

By coming clean about his tip-toeing through the tulips, he can accomplish a couple of things. Give his family a little reprieve from the bad news that follows him like a dark cloud, get the media off his back and possibly save a little face.  Anyone with any sense at all has to know the truth.

The initial soul cleansing of the truth hurts a lot, but the eventual forced admission after 100’s of lies to cover up the 1st lie,  hurts a hell of a lot worse. Right Billy Boy!!!

PDT has to bite the bullet and come clean. That MAY even garner him a little more respect from the public.  Needless to say, he sure can use it.


We haven’t heard any politician tell the truth since Moby Dick was a minnow.

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What is amazing to me are all of his so-called close friends and associates that are dropping a dime on him. So much for Omerita.

I guess half-assed friends think nothing of selling their souls.


Fill in the blanks

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