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Ingraham: My criticism of LeBron had nothing to do with race

I am an equal opportunity critic when it comes to left wing celebrities sounding off on topics of which they know little.

LeBron James doesn’t seem too concerned about Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s dog-whistle-y criticism of his comments about Donald Trump. The Fox News correspondent told James to “shut up and dribble,” among other things, on Thursday night after an Uninterrupted video showed him making comments that were critical of Donald Trump.

James said, among other things, that the president “doesn’t give f*ck about the people” he governs. It drew criticism from the conservative host on Thursday night, which in turn drew outrage from many in the basketball community, including former teammate Dwyane Wade.

The president doesn’t give a fuck about the people. Such language coming out of James, the same guy who bad rapped PDT for using OFF COLOR dialog. Possibly James considers that LOCKER ROOM talk.

I don’t know if I totally agree with Ingraham. I do respect her as one of the best in the business, that shoots from the hip and tell it like it is. I think everyone (every legal) in this country is entitled to their opinion; BUTT, always the BIG BUTT; the person should know what they are talking about before they open their mouth.

The major problem with many of the Monday morning Quarterbacks that are part of the  WE HATE PDT club is, they are only jumping on the band wagon to claim their 15 minutes of fame and many of them are uninformed and are looking at the situations with blinders on. Just like following the leader over a cliff; BAAAAAD idea.


I think more people should be involved with the welfare of our country and get out there and rattle the bush. BUTT, always the BIG BUTT, do a little research before spouting off – have an independent mind – don’t be one of the sheep following the leader over the cliff – criticize when necessary, BUTT, always the BIG BUTT, compliment or acknowledge when it is appropriate.

There were several times when Obama was president that I acknowledged and complimented something he did. Far and few between; BUTT …..

Contrary to much of the public’s  opinion; PDT is doing a hell of a job in many areas. Does her he have a few shortcomings?? Who doesn’t??

I am not concerned he pissed his pants in the 5th grade; my focus is, what is he going to do for our country. One thing to point out; he is enforcing the laws of the land that are already written, the same laws that many of his predecessors, for the sake of their popularity and weakness,  have ignored for years.

Does anyone think he enjoys breaking up families by sending illegals back to their home country? WRONG, he is enforcing the law.

If anyone, especially the media, the far left-wingers and the BOULDER ROLLERS thinks that PDT has an easy job; I would like to see what the hell they could accomplish if they were sitting in the same big chair.  The vast percentage of them can not handle what the hell they are in-charge of, let alone running an entire nation.

Lets ask La Bron why the hell the Cavs have lost so many game this year. HELLOOOO!!

Personally, I don’t know how PDT accomplishes as much as he has; ESPECIALLY under the tremendous pressure he is facing daily. How the hell needs that headache??

Put this in your pipe and smoke it:

OPINION | Why Trump is better for black America than Obama ever was

The MAJOR differences between the two men are enormous; BUTT 1st and foremost, PDT is white and Obama is half black. It would not have been very fashionable or acceptable  for the media or the Boulder Rollers to bash Obama for fear of being called a racist.

I compared what Obama’s polls were  his 1st year in office and compare it to what PDT has done. Here is the answer.

Trump Approval Rating Same as Obama After First Year, at Least According to One Poll

To all of the Monday quarterbacks; be fair, criticize when necessary, BUTT acknowledge if applicable.  Can we even begin to imagine what kinds of progress PDT could make IF he had a little co-operation??

As odd and inconceivable as it may sound; the Boulder Rollers are still in severe shell shock that they lost the election.

I can guarantee; if CHC was sitting on the love seat with Wild Bill, doing the exact same things PDT is doing, the media and the rest of the liberals would be kissing her feet or another body part.

If this speech Wild Bill gave on immigration is not ABSOLUTE PROOF of what I have detailed; I don’t know what is.  When WB gave that speech he got a standing ovation. When PDT gave the exact speech, he was chopped down like a dying oak tree.


Argue with this!!

Be fair, criticize when necessary, BUTT acknowledge if applicable. 

Laura; keep up the good work. You have at least one fan.

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