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Scott Pruitt Is Stillllllll Flying First Class in Brave Defiance of the Dangers of Coach


You know where that thumb should be!!!!

Scott Pruitt is back in the big seats. Two days after an exposé in the Washington Post revealed the EPA administrator had spent more than $90,000 on plane tickets in June alone, not including fares for his unprecedented security detail, Politico reported that Pruitt was spotted flying first class from D.C. to Boston on Tuesday, a jaunt that takes a little more than an hour.

90.000 dollar$ in one month for flights that take less than an hour!!  This guys has balls bigger than a pawn shop. Not only has he grossly abused the system; after being caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he refuses to capitulate.

Shortly after landing, Pruitt addressed the criticism in an interview with the New Hampshire Union-Leader, saying that while he does not make the decision to fly first class himself, he had experienced “incidents” during his first months atop the Environmental Protection Agency:

This is his rational:

“We live in a very toxic environment politically, particularly around issues of the environment. … We’ve reached the point where there’s not much civility in the marketplace and it’s created, you know, it’s created some issues and the (security) detail, the level of protection is determined by the level of threat.”

The government is better off assigning a security guard to travel with this aristocrat, if he is fearful of his safety, than allowing him to fly 1st class. It would be much cheaper.

Who the hell is he bull-shitting. Pruitt does not want to be squeezed in between two heavy weights that are chomping down on garlic sandwiches.

The world is full of these gluttons that never get enough to eat or continually put themselves above the rest of us commoners.

I do now and have always maintained; ALL politicians should be subjected to live by the same rules, regulations and standards the common-folk live by.  Where is the urgency or requirement for them to act responsibly if they are not governed by the same laws they pass? There is NONE. It is total abuse of power and disregard for taxpayers money. 

Governed by the laws they pass; just about everything they do is the direct opposite of what the citizens of this country are compelled to live by.

They do not have social security or the health care plans we have. They work (if that is what they want to call it – I call it showing up) an average of 133 days a year.

2017 Working Day Payroll Calendar
Timeframe Number of Working Days
October 1 – 31 22
November 1 – 30 22
December 1 – 31 21
Total 2017 Calendar Year Working Days 260

133 days a year out of 260 working days a year. That is disgraceful. It is a slap in the face, a punch in the gut, and spitting in the face of every America citizen.

They have their own tailor-made plans/schedules they drafted to insure they live a very comfortable life style while in politics and after.

We can bet; if these high priced bums (not all but a very high %), were compelled to live by the same rules we do, there would be a very significant increase in their decision making, productivity and accountability.  As things stand now, there is little to none of the three.

In recent studies; the approval of the politicians has been about 18%. To break that down for some people that are a little mentally challenged. For every 100 people surveyed,  ONLLLLLY 18 of the fools in this country think our politicians are giving us a fair shake and doing a good job. These people are either mentally retarded or have been living in a cave for 20 years.

I will agree with the survey that possibly 18 % of them are decent people and want to do well for the American people, BUTT their hands are tied by the majority of the stumble-bums they deal with daily.  The other 82% are nothing but a bunch of blood-sucking parasites that have been raping the American public for decades.  They do it with a straight face and without remorse.  This policies have been going on so long, they actually think they have them coming.

This high-priced leach Scott Pruitt is living proof of that. Despite public admonishment, the pig still continues to DO HIS THING, flying 1st class and piss away government money.  We can bet if he insists on fly 1st class, he is not staying in Motel 6.

Hopefully; while the New Sheriff is draining the swamps, he will be trying to rectify some of these injustices laid on the taxpayers by the parasites like Pruitt.

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