Intelligent people should learn by others mistakes …..

Fox News

German teen’s murder sparks national discussion of migrant crime

Intelligent people should learn from others mistakes. Key word, intelligent.

For the fools that do not seem to know the meaning or definition of intelligent;

adjective: intelligent
  1. having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.
    synonyms: clever, bright, brilliant, quick-witted, quick on the uptake, smart, canny, astute, intuitive, insightful, perceptive, perspicacious, discerning;

    able, gifted, talented;
    informal brainy
    “an intelligent writer”

Being more conservative; a person with average common-sense is probably far better off than being a super intellect.  I know many super-brainiacks that do not have  to sense enough to come out of the rain.

We have witnessed, time after time; in this country as well as the other countries who are breeding grounds for the bleeding hearts, the importation or admission of some illegals into their civilized society, knowing is a very bad idea, BUTT the governments continue to do so.  What does it take to open their eyes??

Not only in the USA do we continue to keep the immigration doors open, we also have cities and states that are sanctuary havens where the respective governing bodies protect and hide out illegals, even if they have committed a crime. How does anyone explain that??  It is beyond unreasonable and defies logic.

If shutting the doors on all of the illegals would save just one life, that in itself would be worth it.

Let us ask some of the families who had relatives brutalized or murdered by one of these savages if they are in agreement with the country’s immigration policy.

The story of the brutal small-town stabbing death of a 15-year-old girl by her jilted ex-boyfriend was by itself enough to warrant front-page news in Germany, where such crimes are exceedingly rare. 

But what made the killing in Kandel, in the country’s south, the talk of everyone of the European nation from politicians to beer-hall patrons was that the girl was German, and the ex-boyfriend an Afghan migrant.

“I am mother of three children, and we are here together to protest against the aggressivity of people who are grabbing our children, and who are — who bring fear in our country,” Martina Boeswald, a lawyer in Kandel, told PBS. “We want to live in peace. And this is the fault of Angela Merkel.”

The Telegraph

Illegal immigration to Germany at record high – increase of 75 per cent in one year

Illegal immigration is at its highest since reunification and German police arrested 57,000 illegal immigrants in 2014, an increase of 75 per cent compared to 2013.

That was 5 years ago and the German government still has not seen the down-side of their liberal immigration policies. What does it take??

Many times I wonder just how out of touch with reality, or plain stupid the leaders of some countries are; including the USA?? It is a clear as the nose on Jimmy Durante’s face, there is a major problem with their bleeding-hearted policies, BUTT the fools continue to leave the import doors wide open. If nothing else; there should be very, very strict vetting policies.

I am convinced that some of the heads of governments are bound and determined to destroy their countries by the redicilous decisions they CONTINUALLY make.  A person would have to be a complete imbecile not to recognize the dangers of some situations and not take corrective measures.

There can only be a couple of explanations for their actions.  They are too stupid to see the forest on account of the trees or they are deliberately trying to destroy their countries.

How many times does an idiot stick their finger in a light socket, before they get the hint?? Simple as that FOLKS.


How does anyone attempt to communicate common-sense to a moron??

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