Charity begins at home ….

Trump to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan

Solid, secure and safe infrastructures are the corner-stone and the foundations of our country.  These priorities  have been neglected for so many years by some past president, who put every-other pet project of theirs and their obsession to support foreign affairs and illegals before taking care of their own people. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why feed other families while your family is starving???

PDT is the 1st president we have had in recent memory that is putting America First, just as it should be!! The ironicly redicilous thing about it, there are numerous people that object to his methods.

To sum it up; the report card on the American infrastructure get a whopping overall grade of D on its report card.

Put it in very simple terms, so a 5th grader can understand; while our country is falling apart and many of our citizens are starving, while the PC nut cases and some politicians are more concerned with taking care of the illegals than their own people, our infrastructure is falling apart; our government leaders have been pissing away trillions of dollars  supporting other countries; some countries that can buy and sell the USA.

This report may be 4 years old, BUTT it depicts the countries that have long been the recipients of America’s generosities, or may I say stupidity.

In fiscal year 2014, the U.S. government allocated the following amounts for aid:

Total economic and military assistance: $43.10 billion

Total military assistance: $10.57 billion
Total economic assistance: $32.53 billion

of which USAID Implemented: $17.82 billion[8]
Top 25 Recipient Countries of U.S. Foreign Aid FY 2013 Reported in $US millions, Obligations [9]
Country Economic and Military Assistance FY 2013, $US millions Aid received per person recipient FY2013, $US Economic Assistance FY 2013, $US millions Military Assistance FY2013, $US millions
Afghanistan 4533.51 148 2653.93 1879.58
Israel* 2961.04 367 17.81 2943.23
Egypt 1566.24 19 330.6 1235.6
Jordan 1211.83 188 879.64 332.19
West Bank/Gaza 1007.73 370    
Ethiopia 686.53 7 685.19 1.34
South Sudan 618.74 55 598.79 19.96
Malawi 571.18 35 570.91 0.27
Uganda 541.93 14 538.3 3.62
South Africa 526.19 10 523.86 2.32
Nigeria 518.84 3 509.41 9.43
Russia 465.16 3 445.07 20.08
Iraq 444.81 13 382.7 62.11
Tanzania 430.66 9 427.82 2.84
Mexico 419.94 3 348.72 71.21
Congo (Kinshasa) 379.24 6 366.73 12.52
Haiti 378.77 37 377.04 1.73
Lebanon 376.41 84 286.03 90.38
Somalia 367.18 35 188 179.18
Zambia 310.8 22 310.26 0.54
Sudan (former)* 290.05 8 290.05  

The USA gave Russia 465 million dollar$.WHY???

Just for the record; I would like to know when the last or even the first time any country has contributed to the USA in any fashion. I would guess NEVER.

We have been supporting. funding and illegally invading other countries, costing us trillion$, while our country is getting a D on it’s over all CARE FOR IT’S CITIZENS report card.  A good percentage of the FUNDS WE DONATE never reaches it’s intended destination. We have foreign government leaders that are scarfing it up for thier personal coffers as fast as it is coming in, knowing their people are in dire straights.

There is nothing wrong with being benevolent; IFFFF our obligations to our citizens are taken care of first.

I am positive that PDT is going to have his tit in the wringer with some of his political adversaries, even while he is trying to take care of business at home by putting America first.  Their degree of ignorance is unexplainable and off the charts.

Hats off to PDT. He certainly has some shortcomings, BUTT on the flip side, he is a true American Patriot and a man of his word.


Let us hope that the anti-Trump people out there put their personal issues in the closet and co-operate with him while he is trying to make this country a better place to live.

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2 Responses to Charity begins at home ….

  1. Reblogged this on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now and commented:
    This is a great posting and I hope I can encourage my readers to share this article. It is truly UN-American what the previous administration neglected in favor and the benefit of foreign countries, foreigners and everything outside of what a government is expected to do for its OWN people. None of that could be said for the Democrat occupied White House and Congress in the 8 years under Obama. The latter very much applies also to those Republicans, who did NOTHING for 8 years, in spite of having a majority in Congress for the last 4 years, before the savior of our Country was elected in 2016. One year has already shown so much progress, although the Democrats and it’s surrogates, the liberal Media, want to tell the general public that we are doomed with President Trump. This could not be further of the truth. It is deplorable that the apparatus of news agencies, mouth piece of the Democratic Party uses their large “podium” for nothing but lies and fake news. Democrats have NEVER done anything for the public, the poor, the sick, the blacks. It has always been nothing but talk and no action. So I am very happy to be here and display my DISGUST for the Democratic Party with people like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and many others as well as the dishonest media, but PRAISE for Donald Trump for pressing forward. GO DONALD GO!

    • As I alluded to in many of my posts; a person does not have to be a Harvard graduate to know; we should not be feeding other families when some of ours are starving. This mentality, or lack of is incomprehensible.

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