The only one to blame is yourselves!!

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Canceling a father-daughter dance is an incredible example of political correctness gone out of control

Mankind or should I say people-kind, so the Canadian Prince of Fools does chastise me, has no one to blame for this completely out of control, redicilous phenomenon called Political Correctness  but ourselves.

In a decision that sounds like a joke, the Department of Education adopted a policy last year that demanded schools throughout New York scrap any “gender-based” activities that do not serve an educational purpose. And apparently, one such gender-based activity is the long tradition of father-daughter dances held by many schools.

 As a result, an elementary school in the New York City borough of Staten Island has called off – for now, at least – a father-daughter dance that had been scheduled for Friday.

In my opinion the Silent Majority in this country is more pathetic than the PC-pathetics for allowing this nonsense  to escalate to the level it has.  A good percentage of the Silent Majority in this country have their heads suck in the sand or where the sun does shine,  permitting the PC-ers to ram rod them into submission. God hates a coward!!

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Does this surprise anyone when New York State has a leader like this at the helm??


What the hell happened to the people in this country that had a backbone or a set of balls that once used to stand tall for their rights?

I always refer to the PC sheep following their leaders over the cliff; well that is exactly what has happened to one-time defenders of The Right. The Silent Majority has gone completely silent.


If this trend continues, as I expect it to, I can’t even imagine how disastrous it will eventually become.  Any person with commonsense (the key word being commonsense)  should be-able to see the negative sides of extreme PC-ness. These fools are on a mission to destroy everything that once made this country great and the silent sheep are letting them do it.

New York scrap any “gender-based” activities that do not serve an educational purpose. And apparently, one such gender-based activity is the long tradition of father-daughter dances held by many schools.

So you think PC-ness is a joke or a fad that will eventually fade away.  Think again.  When we have world a leader like the Northern Nut, chewing some lady’s ass out for saying mankind instead of people-kind; to me that speaks volumes. BUTT; like any gutless coward, after the fact, when the criticism started pouring in, Joking Justin said he was just Joshing.


IFFFFFFFFFFF; IFFFFFFFFFFFF, there ever is a chance of reversing this extremely dangerous PC trend, it better start soon. Whether anyone has noticed; the PC fools are winning this war. Who are the real fools; The PC fools or the Silent fools??

If I were a betting man, (in part, thanks to our former president) I would bet, conventional sanity will never return to this country. We are too far gone to the left and the cowards on the right are fearful of speaking up. Why the silence? It is beyond me.

What’s next you ask???

I heard through the grapevine, in the State of New York, the father and daughter traditional dances at weddings are going to be outlawed.  Their opposition is, they are standing too close to one another. May just be a rumor??


Never say never folks!!

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