It does my heart good to hear …..

USA Today

Gus Kenworthy takes shot at Mike Pence in Instagram post from Winter Olympics opening ceremony

It does my heart good to hear people like this sissy boy run his mouth. I just brings out the ignorance in him.

Posing with fellow openly gay Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, Gussy Kenworthy wrote a lengthy note that ended with the line, “Eat your heart out, Pence.”


I don’t really think that anyone really pays any attention anymore who is gay and who isn’t. The press made point of referring to Gussy as an OPENLY GAY MAN.  And?? There are millions of people just like him walking the earth, it is not an oddity anymore.

Here we have another one of the fools that thinks everyone has to subscribe to their way of life. If anyone should be aware that it is not the way it works, it should be Gussy!!

I don’t believe in throwing stones or rolling any boulders at anyone, unless some fools takes the first shot. SOOOOO!!

What kind of axe does this dudess have to grind with VP Pence?? When the ignorant Olympian made that statement, Eat your heart out, Pence; was he referring to Pence lamenting not being a queer or what his point?? As the old saying goes in their circles; empty queers make the loudest noises.

People like Gussy are the first ones that criticize everyone for the least insignificant issue that they don’t agree on; BUTT they never have problem running their mouth. They fall into the same category as the extreme PC-ers that are like a spoiled 3 year old who craves attention. The only way they know how to be noticed, is to make a fool out of themselves.

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