I am still waiting for …….

Illegal immigrant urinating in public slashes man who objected, cops say


Looks like someone the PC-pathetics might like to have over for dinner, stay in their pad for a few months, ORRRRRR; possibly marry one of the daughters.

I am still waiting for all the do-gooders, bleeding hearted and the PC-pathetics’ to open their hearts, the door to their homes and their bank accounts to animals like this reprobate.

I have made this observation several times before. When some foreign countries want to clean house and dump all of their scumbags on another country; they are not sending their rocket scientists or their expert medical professionals, in many cases they are sending the worst of the worst. See above.

I heard a guy on the news the other day. I didn’t get his name. He said something very prophetic. There are 1,000’s of PC-fools in the country that are more concerned with the health and well-being of 100,000 illegal immigrants, instead of worrying about 30,000,000 Americans. As hard as I have tried to understand their point of view, to me it just does not make sense.


What has to happen; the PC-ers themselves, a relative or personal friend of one of these PC-fools is going to be attacked or killed before they take their blinders off.  Possibly not even then. Their stupidity is off the charts!!

What makes matter 100% worse; there are numerous fruit-cake judges sitting in a position of power that share the same mentality as the PC-ers do.  Just about every-time PDT comes up with an idea or wants to make a positive move in the right direction, they shoot it down.

We have to thank our lucky stars or the rabbits foot you have hanging on your rear-view mirror, that CHC isn’t sitting in the Big Chair. If she were, the USA would be so far up Shit’s Creek without a paddle; our doom would certainly be immanent.

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One of the major problems with the PC-ers is; besides the fact of being ignorant, they may not or do not want to admit just how dire the worlds situations are.  Open your eye fools, before you can’t!!!

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2 Responses to I am still waiting for …….

  1. Reblogged this on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now and commented:
    I’LL NEVER SHY AWAY FROM COMMENTING ON GOOD AND BAD STORIES. And I appreciate sincerely, your postings.

    • Americathenandnowblog

      I only know one way to tell a story – shooting straight from the hip, regardless of who it is.

      Most of all; a liar ( I was going to say bull-shitter) has to have a good memory to remember the last lie they told.

      AXE CHC about that one. She can’t remember what she ate for breakfast.

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