The Little People

Trump, GOP upbeat about turn in midterm numbers, vow to use Pelosi ‘crumbs’ comment on stump

Crumbs to the crumby and a fortune to others.

I have several special categories I use for the exceptionally ignorant people.  The one I am using this morning happens to be one of my top awards. It is the Leona Queen of Mean Helmsley award.

I am presenting  it to Nan Pelosi. Nan, who not only has the distinction of joining Leona but also shares the same honors with one of her other Moe sisters, CHC.


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LITTLE MOE                        BIG MOE                         NO MOE

Leona Helmsley – Wikiquote

Leona Helmsley (July 4 1920 – August 20 2007) was a billionaire New York City hotel operator and real estate investor. She was a flamboyant personality and … Quotes[edit]. We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes. Quoted in New York Times (July 12, 1989); Quoted in Newsweek magazine.

People like this threesome are so arrogant they feel they are the only people on the planet that matter. The public facade they put on is only to conceal their true identity and character.

For Pelosi to make a statement;  bonuses and paycheck increases that PDT is responsible for getting the American public, only amount to “crumbs”, is a indicator of how unattached she is to the workingman’s (little people) plight.  That is very surprising, because of her Italian heritage. As the old saying goes, she must have forgotten; never forget where you came from.

The old girl is only worth about 30 million. In her minuscule  brain, everyone is as well off as she is. She has been living in a little glass bubble in fantasy-land much too long.

Nan being is one of PDT’s most vocal critics, she  must not see or hear how redicilous she is when making statements as she does.

One tends to wonder; how the hell did she get elected to the Minority seat in her party??  If she is the best they have for a leader, should that be a tell tale sign of the intelligence and qualifications the rest of them??  It has ALWAYS been my opinion; the most qualified person in any organization should be leading the parade. WELL???

Nan; il silenzio è d’oro – suoneresti molto meglio così!! Mio padre era solito dire; è meglio essere visti e non ascoltati.

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