Not one; but 3 daughters molested

‘Give me one minute with that bastard.’ Father rushes Larry Nassar after daughters give victim impact statements

The cops should put the girls father and the other 253 dads in the same cell with this worm and let them avenge justice for his daughters .

CHARLOTTE, Mich. — More than 250 women and girls have told law enforcement officials that former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar sexually assaulted them.


There is no remorse with this son-of-a-bitch. He is just feeling sorry for himself.

Nassar’s sentencing on three sexual assault charges in Eaton County, where Nassar pleaded guilty to abusing young gymnasts at Twistars gymnastics club in Dimondale, Mich., began Wednesday morning, and 65 women and girls are expected to speak.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office, which prosecuted Nassar, said Wednesday that 256 women and girls have filed reports with authorities to say that Nassar sexually abused them. Police and prosecutors continue to receive new complaints.

Is it possible that 256 – 256 girls were molested by this pathetic piece of trash that calls himself a doctor and went undetected by everyone he was connected with? I say:


It has been years ago I said; I did not trust the Karolyi group. The husband and wife team had something about them that bothers me and is was unsettling.

5.jpg       7.jpg

Texas governor orders investigation into Karolyi Ranch after Larry Nassar trial


There  had to be others involved, or at the very least knew about what was going on.

It is very sad to say; in this degenerate world we live in there are occupations and lifestyles perverted people get into so they can have easy access to kids.  Priest – scout leaders – concealers  –  gymnastic teachers – coaches and various groups. These freaks are sick in the head; being the reason they act out the way they do. They are mentally disturbed. On the other side of the coin, we have the fools that know about these illicit activities, and for their own illogical reasons cover them up.  I don’t know which of the is worse??

256 girls molested. Is that insane or what?

I hope this pervert Nassar gets what is coming to him when he gets to prison.  They will probably have him in protective custody so one of the inmates doesn’t slit his throat. I would say, that may be a just punishment.

Or a good possibility, the coward will  commit Hari Cari. Just in case he wants to take that route; I am providing him with the instructions on how to go about it.

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Ladies and gents; you cannot be too careful these days with the people you entrust with your kids care. Use your gut. If you smell a rat, there most probably is one. Listen to what you kids have to say. Investigate anything they tell you.  Lately, it seems their is a sick bastard waiting around every corner. With this pathetic PC society we are living in, it is going to get worse.

Teen Vogue Publishes Anal Sex Guide, Internet Prudes Freak Out!

Don’t you think that trash like this perpetuates these activities and motivates these freaks?? If you don’t, you are as sick as they are.

Nassar; GOD HASTES A COWARD – go for it

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