Just how far will they bend over????

Cleveland Indians will abandon Chief Wahoo logo next year

Never in my very long life have I seen so many getting ramrodded and the shit kicked out of them by so few.  The majority has turned into the minority.

Where in the hell is this PC-pathetic nonsense going to stop? It never will. Every-time we turn around, there is another crack pot coming up with another issue that doesn’t fit into their pitiful life styles and they want it changed.

Many of the issues they want to be changed have been on the books/traditional for centuries; BUTT now out of the clear blue sky, these fools found what they think is detrimental in their names or policies and want them changed.

As far as feeling sorry for the American Indians; I have some RESERVATIONS about that. The people that are running up the red flags because they think someone or something is using their names disrespectfully; are barking up the wrong tree. There have been dozens of generations that passed since the 1st American Indians got screwed by the United States government.  How long can they continue to RIDE THAT PONY?? How long can they keep bleeding the system.

It uses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey, the source of the “official” national unemployment rate statistics. … The American Indian unemployment rate was 11.3 percent. American Indians have endured five years of unemployment rates over 10 percent.Dec 17, 2013

NOT ALL; butt a good percentage of the Indians are in dire straights because the government has created monsters out of them just like they did with the welfare recipients in this country that do not need it. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; give a man a fishing rid and he will eat for life.

It is a fact of life how the government has destroyed the American Indian by aiding and abetting their lifestyles, not wanting to work for a living. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; give a man a fishing rid and he will eat for life.

It is human nature for some people be as lazy and lethargic as  they are permitted to be. How does that tie into being overly PC? The more idle time a person has on their hands, the more time it gives them to look for reasons to bitch and complain about nonsensical issues. Idle minds are the devil’s workshop!!

It used to be; before the PC rage came on the scene, using someone’s or something’s name or image in a display was a form of flattery. There is not one name out there that this PC-fools are bitching about that I can say is degrading or derogatory.


Professional/Adult teams

Current usage

American football

Association football



  • Colo-Colo, Santiago de Chile. Name relates to the Mapuche
  • Lautaro, Buin. Also called Guerreros de Buín (Warriors Buín)



South Africa

Australian rules football

All of these teams are composed of Indigenous Australians


Major league
Minor league

A Minor league team in Innisfail, Alberta, the “Indians”, has made a decision to become the “Trappers”.[15]

Affiliates of the Atlanta Braves:

Affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates:

Affiliate of the Texas Rangers:


All three existing NBA teams that previously used indigenous imagery have stopped doing so. (See Prior usage list below).

Canadian football

Ice hockey


Rugby union

Rugby league


Prior pro usage

Many professional teams changed because they moved to another city, or went out of business (“Defunct” in table below).

Old Name Sport/League City, State Year Changed New Name Notes
Akron Indians National Football League Akron, Ohio Defunct Akron Pros Changed back to the Indians in 1926, then folded
Tri-Cities “Blackhawks” National Basketball Association Moline, Illinois 1951 Atlanta Hawks Team was also the Milwaukee & St. Louis “Hawks”
Buffalo Braves National Basketball Association Buffalo, New York 1978 Los Angeles Clippers Also the San Diego Clippers
Burlington Indians Minor League Baseball Burlington, North Carolina 2006 Burlington Royals Changed affiliation from Cleveland Indians to Kansas City Royals
Canton/Akron Indians Minor League Baseball Akron, Ohio 1996 Aeros Former farm team for the Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Indians (1921) National Football League Cleveland, Ohio Defunct
Cleveland Indians (1931) National Football League Cleveland, Ohio Defunct
Duluth Eskimos National Football League Duluth, Minnesota 1927 Defunct also known as the Duluth “Kelleys”
Flint Indians Michigan Baseball League Flint, Michigan 1941 NA
Golden State Warriors National Basketball Association Oakland, California 1971 NA Originally Philadelphia Warriors, then San Francisco Warriors, dropped Indian imagery when they move to Oakland
Gwinnett Braves International League Lawrenceville, Georgia 2017 Gwinnett Stripers Originally Richmond Braves, renamed as Gwinnett Braves upon move, rebranded after 2017 season. The Stripers continue to be the Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.[18]
Indios de Ciudad Juarez Minor League Baseball Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico 1984 Defunct
Kansas City Scouts National Hockey League Kansas City, Missouri 1976 now the New Jersey Devils First moved to Colorado and became the “Rockies”
Kinston Indians Minor League Baseball Kinston, North Carolina 2012 NA replaced by the Carolina Mudcats
Mexico City Aztecas Continental Basketball Association Mexico City Defunct Only one season 1994-95
Oorang Indians National Football League Defunct Consisting mostly of Native Americans
Ottawa Tomahawks National Basketball League of Canada Ottawa 2013 Ottawa SkyHawks Name changed shortly after announced due to controversy, team folded after one season.
Salisbury Indians Minor League Baseball Salisbury, Maryland Defunct
Springfield Indians American Hockey League Peoria, Illinois Rivermen First moved to Worcester and became the IceCats
Streatham Redskins NIHL South Division 1 London, England 2016 Streatham Ice Hockey Club
Syracuse Chiefs Minor League Baseball Syracuse, New York First Became the “SkyChiefs” with a train Logo, then reverted to the old name while retaining the new logo.
Swift Current Indians Western Major Baseball League (East Division) Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada 2017 Swift Current 57’s The team dropped the “Indians” name in 2016.[19]
Toronto Tecumsehs National Hockey Association Toronto, Ontario 1913 Toronto Ontarios renamed the Toronto Shamrocks in 1915 and ceased operations later that year

Colleges and universities

Secondary schools

Non-scholastic youth teams


Association football

American football

Pop Warner Little Scholars

Youth/Junior football

Ice Hockey




  • Little Redskins, Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF) sanctioned club (K-8th grade) in Morris, Illinois – Uses a version of the DC team logo[5


How many of the fore mentioned have insulted anyone or anything??

For decades and centuries many of these teams wore their name proudly and were admired by everyone. That is until, this sorry ass PC movement got kick started; now all of a sudden these names are an insult to the tribes or animals they are named after. Give me a %$#@*& break!!!

I will give more credit to the ball busting PC-ers than I do to the general population, because they are relentless in their quest to %#@& this world up.  The general population/silent majority are the pathetic ones for allowing themselves to be trampled into the ground.

There are less and less people on the right in this country that have a backbone and are willing to speak up for what they feel is right, to defend old school principles and traditions. I will call them the RIGHTERS.

The RIGHTERS have allowed themselves to become the punching bag for the PC-ers and are steadily getting the shit knocked out of them.  They remind me of a guy that gets into a fight and gives his opponent a baseball bat while he remains empty handed. He lays down and takes the beating.

I hope these fools realize something; butt they don’t,

once you give relinquish something, you will never get it back

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