Steve Wynn loses $463M since report on allegations of sexual misconduct, report says


Anyone should know, especially the King of Gambling, Steve Wynn, if you want to play you have to pay.

That he is, paying big time ever since the allegation of sexual misconduct surfaces recently.

Just like all of the other POWER-PLAYERS, Wynn denies any wrong doing. The thing among many that bewilders me with these people; why are so many of them making multi-million dollar pay-offs (hush money) if they are not guilty of an infractions.

It is reported that in one incident Wynn paid a $7.5 million settlement with a manicurist, to keep her sealed.  Once again, why are these guy making multi-million dollar pay-offs (hush money) if they are not guilty of an infractions.

Wynn is not alone. There are 100’s of these characters paying out big money for sealed lips.  Most of them we don’t hear about. As part of the arrangement; if the recipient does a tell-all, the money has to be paid back.

These are just a few of the example of those that paid big money for silence.


Michael Jackson was a different kind of sexual deviant. He was a degenerate pervert that loved little boys and paid out over 20 million dollar$ through the years to keep his depravities under wraps.

I have often wondered why; 1st The Kings daughter ever married that freak and 2nd, when is she going to come out with her book on living with Michael Jackson. It has to be a best seller.





If all the of the $oldi that was paid out through they years in hush money could be accumulated into one pot, we probably could have paid off a good chunk of the national debt.

I still would like to know why the media hasn’t jumped onto Joking Joe Biden’s case. Is there a different term, description or set or rules if the perp was a democratic VP?


Try to convince me that JJ isn’t stepping over the boundary line with these women.  He may have not GRABBED A HAND FULL of anything, but he certainly is misusing his powerful position when he is mauling these ladies.  Where I come from; regardless who the person is; if they crossed the line, they would get a visit from Mr. Louie Slugger the next day or sooner.

It seems to me that Wynn is in a no win situation. This applies to all of these aggressive pigs. Their actions have very little to do with a sex act itself, it is all about power, control and their insecurity.

It is reported that since Dec. 22, 2017, when the bomb was dropped on the Vegas mogul,   his holding of  12,230,334 shares of Wynn Resorts stock dropped from 201.30 to $163.48 on Jan. 29 2017. That is a big chunk of change to loose because a man has no respect for the fairer sex and can’t control himself.

Anyone should know, especially the King of Gambling, Steve Wynn, if you want to play you have to pay.


Right about now, I doubt that he doing much of this!!!

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