Expect anything different??

Hillary Clinton protected ’08 campaign adviser accused of sexual harassment: report


SOOO; why would we not expect her to protect one of her advisors when he was suspected of sexual harassment?  They truly believe that they are above the law.

I find it very curious that this video is not available anymore. The Clinton Machine sure packs a powerful punch in the clout department!!

How can we be expected to respect them or anyone one that subscribes to their methods and ways of life.

In my opinion; as history unfolds on the Clinton’s; there are going to be more and more revelations that proves exactly what kind of despicable people they are.

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3 Responses to Expect anything different??

  1. Reblogged this on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now and commented:
    Hillary Clinton! Amazing that this woman doesn’t quit with this ugly background she has. Cheating, lying, hired killing.

    • It is always been my opinion that you can tell the quality of a person by the company they keep. Anyone that follows and idolizes the clintons can be put in the same category that they are. It is totally amazing that some people are so gullible and they responsible that they still support that family. Birds of a feather flock together

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