Amorous Omaro$a????

Omaro$a plans banner $500G speaking tour at $50G a speech after dramatic White House exit

Really?? She has nothing to say that would interest me; especially @ 50 G’s a pop just to hear her chop someone to shreds .

Now if she is dressed like this, I can tell why some horny old men would want to attend her speeches with hopes that she drops something on the floor.


Omarosa Manigault-Newman; the status seeking lady who was one of Donald Trump’s ACES on his TV program and later one of his staffers is trying to score a big payday on the speaking tour after she was shown the exit door.

If my guess is accurate, she complied as many notes as she could while at the Casa Biancia.

She has signed a contract with the American Program Bureau and joined other speakers that includes Jay Leno, Diddy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson. How did Leno get into that group??

It may be only my opinion, BUTT; what the hell does this venomous lady have to say that would interest anyone, except to air her laundry about her experiences on the Trump team both on the Apprentice and in DC?

Omoro$a has to be  the poster child of a person that could start a fight in the closet by herself.  She is a very confrontational trouble maker that knows how to work the system.

Based on her fiery relationship with Trump on the Apprentice, I was very surprised when he picked her to serve on his campaign and then on his cabinet.  That is show-biz!

She has accomplished one thing that many status seekers in this world stave for; to be known only by their first name. When someone says the name Omarosa, there is no question as to who they are referring to.

What is the moral of the story? Nothing is impossible, except maybe to gargle peanut butter. If a person’s ambition is to become famous and cash in on their shtick; be a big pain in the ass and get noticed. As they say in their circles; even bad publicity is good publicity!!

I will give the gal credit; she is no dummy!! She knows how to turn bee shit into honey.

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