Phonies and their cronies

Chuck Madman Schumer and Nan Ding-bat Pelosi have done everything in their power to make PDT’s life miserable and look bad by not co-operating with everything he has tried to accomplish since winning the election. Their latest trick bag is, being behind the movement in shutting down of the government. The only thing they have successfully done is to make themselves and the rest of their cronies look stupid.


I can’t help but wonder how much $oldi they and their comrades have made on the stock market since PDT was elected?? I have not heard one of the acknowledge that accomplishment.

These two PPP = pathetic, political, parasites have been leading the GET BACK parade against PDT’s ever since he beat their heroin for the Big Chair.  They are all still in shock and will not accept defeat graciously.

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In general, government operations and employees deemed “essential,” like those in the military and law enforcement, would continue to report to work. It’s a label that applies to more than half of the 2.1 million or so non-postal federal employees. They will NOT get paid during the shut down, but will get reimbursed after the dust settles.

It takes someone with a very big set of goolunies to accept their pay checks while the military and many of the other branches of the government are not getting paid, only because of their incompetence.

It was not last week or last month that all of the knuckle heads in DC knew that the time was approaching for the government to have a budget passed.  They have maintained this pattern as long as I can remember. They had months in which to accomplish what they are being paid big bucks for but still refuse to put their heads together and come up with a reasonable resolution.  It is all about ego and get back.

How and the ^$@# do these PPP’s get elected time after time. Are they the best the country  has to represent us?? When there are numbers as they are: According to the most recent figures from Gallup, approval of Congress is at 16 percent, which is consistent with numbers from August. The last time the approval rating for Congress was lower was in July 2016, when it hit 13 percent; it is disgraceful.

They are exactly what I called them – PATHETIC – POLITICAL – PARASITES, sucking the government dry, while making the country suffer for their incompetence,  irresponsible and  negligence.


Once the PPP’s get their foot in the DC doorway (this applies to ALL politicians , not just federal) they are set for life. I will use the same cliche to describe them as I do to some people in the religious order. I have never seen a skinny priest driving an old car!!

IF – IF – IF –  any person had a 84% disapproval rating and worked in corporate America, they would not last long enough to hear the lunch bell ring.

I am sure there are very few in their ranks that are dedicated people wanting  to do a good job for their country; BUTT, that very small margin is overwhelmed but the PPP’s.

It is like the Good Old  Boys Club in the some of the police departments around the country. The bad cops out numbered the good cops. The good cops had to close their eyes closed and their mouths shut for the fear of possibly be knocked off.  Remember the movie about Serpico.  If you didn’t see it, it is well worth your time to watch it.

It seems very convenient to me that the senate and congress DO continue to get paid during shut down. Like anything else in our political system, the people that need it the most get screwed the worst. It is hypocrisy that the people who cause the shut down because of their incompetence, will continue get paid.

People like Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the 84% of the PPP’s have no business in politics. The only reason they are involved is for their own personal financial and egotistical gratification. Once they are elected and get a taste of  how lucrative being a politician can be, they can not be budged with a case of dynamite.

I think that this GET BACK game will last throughout PDT’s presidency. What a disregardful  waste of time and money.

With many people in the criminal world (criminal- politician, same thing), I have made this observation. If they would have put the same effort into be a responsible productive citizens as they did in a becoming a criminal, there is no end to what they could have achieved and accomplished legally in their life.

In the same token; if the PPP’s of our government and news media would put the same effort into being constructive instead of self-serving; can we even imagine what magnificent  strides this country could make.

They are simply;      index

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