Condi hit the nail on the head

Condoleezza Rice: Kim Jong Un is ‘actually pretty clever’


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she thinks North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “turning out, much more so than I thought, to be actually pretty clever.”


The lady is exacto correcto. I think it goes without saying, way back when, the entire world underestimated the Kid-Dick-Tator’s power, determination to have his country be recognized as a nuclear power and his resilience. Lets us not forget, The Boy was raised and schooled from birth to do exactly what he is now doing. He is an example of creating the perfect Frankenstein.

In a macabre way, we can say he is doing a better job then his old man and grand-daddy at putting the screws to the entire world.  Last week, he nearly gave everyone in our 50 state a heart attack/stroke, when one of the government workers hit the panic button and Hawaii thought a nuclear bomb was on its way with their number on it.  I can bet that The Kid got his rocks off with that one.

It is not an easy task for one person to hold the entire world at bay, not knowing if and when he will hit the red button. BUTT: calling it like I see it, The Kid is getting an A+ so far in the degenerate department.

If The Kid was a normal person, it may be a lot easier to evaluate or calculate his moves, BUTT he is anything but normal.  He must be a very intelligent person and at the same time an absolute homicidal maniac.

He is thumbing his nose at everyone, including China that WAS supposed to be their puppet master and have control over the lad.  WRONG.

Sanctions do not seem to work or anything else that is thrown at him. BUTT, behind closed doors, the people on the low end of the totem pole are suffering dearly. The Kid is dancing to his own tune.

He is a brutal and treacherous Dick-Tator in every sense of the word.  Anyone that looks at him the wrong way, disagrees with him, falls asleep at a meeting, does the least little thing to piss him off; out come the rocket launchers.

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Actually; The Kid was not supposed to inherit the throne, his older half brother was. Kim Jong-nam was suppose to be crowned when the old man cashed in; but, screwed himself out of the top seat in 2001, when he was caught attempting to enter Japan on a fake passport and trying to sneak into Disneyland.


The Kid finally had his brother assassinated  in Malaysia in 2017 by two North Korean female agents that snuck up behind him in the airport and rubbed a chemical agent in his face.

The Kid’s brutality has no boundaries.

Kim Jong Un has executed over 300 people since coming to power

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un uses terrifyingly creative methods to kill enemies

The Kid recently announced that he is going to allow the North Korean athletes to participate in the up and coming Olympics in South Korea.  Is that an olive branch he is extending??  I don’t think so. After all the commotion he has made, sooner or later he has to make his move. That is unless the rest of the world capitulates to him, which I think, at this point is very unlikely. How can anyone like The Kid even begin to be trusted?? He is totally unpredictable.

Like Rice said; Kim Jong Un is ‘actually pretty clever’. Clever, yes, devious, brutal, sadistic, inhumane, absolutely nuts and any other negative label we can put on him, all wrapped into one.

Keep your eye on the HOG and your finger on the trigger!!

I wonder if the North Korean people ever considered the fact; If The Kid’s old man and his grand-daddy were gods as they claimed to be, how is it that they did not live forever?  According to myth, gods are supposed to live for eternity.

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