Will the real Mr. O please stand-up

Fox News

In an interview with David OUTER-SPACE Letterman; Mr. O, the Manchurian Candidate, commented;   “One of the biggest challenges we have to our democracy is the degree to which we don’t share a common baseline of facts,” Obama said. “If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than you are if you are listening to NPR.”

We don’t share common baseline of the fact Mr O is a professional in the art of evading the truth or giving a straight answer.  Those who live in glass domiciles should not roll boulders.

Fox News IS NOT the squeaking clean virgin they want everyone to believe; especially having many of those that were at the helm for so many years that crossed the sexual boundries. BUT,  they are the ONLY major news media that has the goolunies to shoot straight from the hip and attack head-on the very sensitive issues that all the other liberal medias will not touch with a 10 foot pole.

Obama and Fox have been bumping heads long before he put his hand on the bible and took THE OATH, because they are the only major news media that will disagree with him publicly.

I am the 1st one to agree there are circumstances in our lives and the decisions we make that are totally accidental or the outcome of them are out of our control.

UP JUMPED THE DEVIL. Then we have what I will call the DELIBERATES. This is when someone, anyone, knowing that their actions are going to cause disastrous consequences somewhere down the line, BUTT they do it anyway.  That is the difference between the DELIBERATES and the ACCIDENTALS.  Obama absolutely is the ring leader of the clan in the parade of DELIBERATES .

Because he is multi-racial, there are a significant percentage of people in this country walking on eggs not to offend or criticize him for fear of being labeled a racist. Let me put a little slice of information out there for those who are living under a rock or in a deep dark cave. Racism goes both ways. Anyone who does not know that, they are living in the dark ages.  Not all white people are racists, neither are all black. BUTT, there are good percentage of haters on both sides of the isle.

Being that Mr. O is so used to having the public throw rose pedals at his feet, anytime someone disagrees with him, they are automatically labeled one-way or another.

I don’t agree with Fox 100% of the time, BUTT even Ray, Helen and Stevie can see that the ultra-liberal media are very dangerous people in the way the twist or tell a half truth.

The Obama passive, PC methods of governing or engaging in wars have been proven to be a loser. PDT has accomplished 100 time more on the war against terrorism and illegals since he has been in office then Obama did in 8 years. How can anyone argue with those kinds of results.

Having Donald Trump as president is a prime example of having to take the good with the bad. As long as his achievements substantially outweigh his blunders, it is a shame it has to be that way, we have to support him.

I can guarantee one thing; if CHC was sitting on the Big Love seat with her hubby Wild Bill and was doing the exact same things PDT is doing, the general public would put her up for canonization.

Back to Mr. O: Mr O has an arrogance about him that is almost oppressive. His mannerisms clearly demonstrate his overly confident somewhat untouchable attitude that he plays it to the hilt.

I don’t know how many people  noticed; watch a film clip of Obama in 2008 on the way he walks and then watch another one from 2016 the way he struts. Some may call it swagger; I call it signifying.

Mrs. O even commented that she like Mr. O’s swagger.

So, what will Michelle Obama do first when she finally leaves the White House? First Lady tells Oprah she wants to visit Target as she admits her husband is ‘swagalicious’ when walking off Marine One


 There is no denying that the man has charisma up the wazoo, BUTT there is definitely something surreptitious behind him.  To say that he uses his racial status to his advantage is an understatement.
To dissect his out-of-line statement further; for him to lay out a blanket statement saying; “If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than you are if you are listening to NPR,” the man is directly insulting millions of people.
Is he finally coming out of his shell and truly expressing his inner feelings that he suppressed for so many years while sitting in the Big Chair? According to his mouth piece Holder, who is clearly a racist; Holder would say publicly a lot of things Obama wanted to say but didn’t because he was sitting in the Big Chair.  I say; cut loose Mr. O and lay your cards on the table.  I would rather know where I stand with someone then having to guess.
If Mr. O and the rest of the Boulder Rollers were honest, they would admit there is a lot of credibility and truth behind most of Fox’s news broadcasting.  I would put PDT and Fox on the same parallel as far as the liberals are concerned.  If Fox was bad rapping PDT like the rest of them, he would be the greatest thin since sliced bread.
I wonder how many of the liberal news media posted Obama’s derogatory comments about Fox faithful?
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