What would be a better time for …..

Fox News

North Korea nuclear test site has ‘significant’ work underway: report

What would be a better time for the Kid Dick-tator to make his statement by sending a special delivery drop off across the boarder, then the Olympics? Just think of how many of his enemies he could get rid of a one time. I would be stupid if I thought he is not pondering the thought and the great possibilities.

1515746570001          Kim-Jong-un-652841

While the entire world is on pins and needles over what this mad-man might do, the Kid is having the time of his life like he is playing a giant video game. The boy is living in fantasy land.

He must be licking his lips and chomping at the bit over all of the destruction and deaths he can exact at one time, in one place, so close to home, in South Korea, just knowing he would have absolutely NO possibility of failure.

When dealing with a mad-man, one should never disregard any likely-hood he may pull it off, even as preposterous as they may seem.  The guy is a monstrous, psychotic  evil person on steroids.   When he thinks nothing of offing some of his opposition or even relatives that fall asleep at a meeting,  blasting them off the face of the earth with a rocket launcher; we should not dismiss anything as off limits as to what he may do.



Kim Jong Un executes five senior officials with ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNS for making fake reports that ‘enraged’ North Korean despot


I have to assume that the USA and the rest of the world’s military are reading the same play  book I am and are prepared for any possibility.  If not, they better start subscribing to the Goomba Gazette and getting their news from the Commander-and-Chief, shot straight from the hip. (not to be confused with the Commander-in-Chief)

aqzv1746374363.png                                       index

AND-CHIEF                                                                  AND-CHIEF

We always have to keep our eye on the hog and our finger on the trigger. NEVER SAY NEVER; especially when dealing with mentally unstable people. It seems that day by day, mankind is being inundated by these nut cases.

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