Like the Japanese say; Nobody stay!!

Trump appears to deny using vulgar term to describe immigrant countries after backlash


I spent a few years in the Far East and found the people to be exceptional. They have a lot of sayings to describe particular groups of people. When they refer to someone that is not using good common sense, or acts without logic, they say; NOBODY STAY!!

I am sure I’m not the only one of PDT’s supporters that are very disturbed by his off the wall remarks as he made yesterday when he called a few countries, shit-hole countries.

It is one thing if a person has negative thoughts and keeps them to them-self, BUTT to blare their opinions out without any regard for the feelings of others or worried about repercussions, that is a horse of a different color; especially being the president of the USA. How do we even begin to explain or try to justify some of the antics PDT has pulled, starting way back when he was running for office?

Can it be that some of his opposition is correct when they call him a boarder line nut case??? I hate to think so.  Normal people with good commonsense do act the way he does.  I think he is asking the American people for TOOOOO much, assuming we must turn the other cheek with such frequency.

If it were possible, I would like to ask PDT; what if someone else would do or act in the same irresponsible manner as he does, what would his opinion of them be? If he was honest, he would give it a thumbs down.

It is only human nature for any person to defend someone they admire or respect; BUTT on the other side of the coin, there comes a point in time where enough is enough.

There were certain thing Donald Trump the citizen did and said when he was running for office that were completely unjustified. Much of America ignored his idiosyncrasies hoping that somewhere down the road, he would do a turn around.  To me it doesn’t look like that day has arrived OR possibly never will.

Not only has PDT over stepped his boundaries with his insults; and poured gasoline on the fire, after the fact, he denies he made the statements or tries to sugar coat them.  That in-it-self is almost worst than the insult.

I sincerely hope, for the sake of this country he has a divine intervention, to get this man turned around.


He has so much to offer the USA and the world, it is a shame he demeans himself as much as he does. People that act the way he does are called a masochist.

Thanks Webster

noun: masochist; plural noun: masochists
  1. a person who derives gratification from their own pain or humiliation.
    “the roles of masochist and mistress”
    • (in general use) a person who enjoys an activity that appears to be painful or tedious.

For the most part PDT is a straight shooter. What SHOULD straight shooter do when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar? ADMIT THAT THEY ARE STEALING A COOKIE.

If PDT ever found the nerve and the decency to make a one time blanket apology or own up to his indiscriminate behavior, that in-it-self would turn his world around 306 degrees and he would gain the respect that the president of the USA deserves.

Short and sweet statement;  I know there have been times that I spoke prematurely, without thinking and out of line, as a result, hurt a lot of peoples feelings. In the future I will make a consented effort to correct the problem.

Does he even have the slightest concept of how much respect he would garner in less then 10 seconds?? End of story. That is all he would have to do to gain the respect of millions of people. BUTT; the clincher is, could he ever live up to his commitment??

It saddens me to see a man with such good intentions, being his own worst enemy.  He can do some great things for our country and the world; only if he opens his eye and ears to his faults and corrects them.

I guess we can say; the ball is in his court.


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