Aids working overtime to cover up for PDT

PDT is at it AGAIN!!

President Trump said he lamented “shit-hole countries” trying to immigrate to the USA during immigration negotiations on Thursday with lawmakers in the Oval Office, Fox News has confirmed.

For the life of me I can’t understand why PDT has diarrhea of the mouth.  The man has no filter. He actually demeans his position as president every-time he makes remarks like this.

PDT is making reference to people from Haiti, El Salvador and other African countries. These people can not help where they were born and do not have the means to control where they live and what the conditions are. For the most part, it is ONLY the poor people in those countries that suffer the way they do. All of the aristocrats  living there live pretty high on the hog.

A good example is Pa Pa Doc / Baby Doc, the DICK-TATOR of Haiti.  While his people were eating out of garbage can, he and his family lived better than some royal families lived.

He was an absolute savage with no heart or soul. I was there while in the military and witnessed the living conditions. Pathetic.

Back to PDT: To start with; his question is sort of redicilous. Why are they trying to immigrate to the USA is his question??  It should be as plain as the golden hair on PDT’s head that the people are trying to get out from under the poverty and oppression they are living in.

I would suggest that PDT saves that type of conversation for locker room talk: BUTT, make sure there is no one there taping him.

I would love to see the man quit doing himself the injustice he is self-inflicting.  It really does not make any sense. This little tit-bit will surely give the Boulder Rollers a lot more ammunition for their bandoleers.  In this case,  can’t say I blame them.

It is long overdue that he wakes up and stops making a fool out of himself. If he would have called Nancy Pelosi a hooker, it would not have bothered me as bad as him insulting all of those people.

He actually is;   download (10)

I would relish the possibility to have more positive dialog about PDT.

Gotta shoot straight from the hip.

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