A Lady with a set of big ones!!!

BBC Journalist Quits After Finding Out Her Male Colleagues Made 50 Percent More

Carrie Gracie wrote an open letter accusing the news outlet of breaking equality law.


I give Carrie a lot of credit for telling her boss to TAKE THAT JOB AND SHOVE IT.

A few years back Johnny Paycheck wrote this song specifically for Carrie.

It only take one word to challenge why a women, who has the exactly the same qualifications as a man, does the same job, in some cases better, does not get paid the $ame amount for doing the $ame job.


Ladies and gents; this is the year 2018 AD (After Domination) where all people are supposed to be treated equal.

I am not suggesting that special considerations or changes in policy be enacted to make sure it fits into a women’s realm of capabilities. I am suggesting that if any women can do the same job as a man, she should be paid the same.

Now, there are jobs men do that I believe a women is not suited for because of physical restrictions, as well as jobs women do where men should be kept out of.

Keep the ladies sports casters out of men’s locker room. Do male reporters go into ladies locker rooms for interviews??

Ever since the cave man drug his women around by her pony tail, in some circles, women have been viewed as 2nd class citizens.


As an example; if someone was prevented from learning how to read  their entire life and someone put a book in front of them, how are they expected to perform that task.

In some cases, years back, that same example applies to the ladies that were never permitted to advance themselves because of the male dominated mentality, marital and parental responsibilities.

It is a new day and age. The ladies have spread their wings and filtered into mainstream society and the business world. I know of many women that are far more superior to men in politics, medicine, engineering and many other fields in the professional world. BUT; they were never given a chance to prove themselves or be exposed to the higher echelons of responsible positions. Now that they are, they ABSOLUTELY should be paid the same as their counterparts.

What they have to do is create an association/metaphorical union that goes on strike until the big boys come around with equal pay for equal work.  It has to be a unanimous undertaking or they will fail.

There are some very powerful women out there, in some very powerful positions that should support their sisters in-arms and help them achieve equality. It is not that the Big Boys don’t have the $cratch to pay them, they are just ignorant, greedy bastards.

Although the Golden Globes (in some areas was a joke) was held last night; today I want to give Carrie Gracie her award for standing up for her rights. Hopefully, if they persist in unison,  she and her sisters in-arms will come home with the bacon. She has my vote.

Ladies like Hoda Kobt who replaced the pervert Matt Lauer have to stand up and be recognized. According to reports, she is receiving ONLY 1/3 of what Matt the Mauler was getting paid. That is totally unacceptable. If she settles for that, she not only is she defeating her own position but also all the other ladies that are trying to climb the corporate ladders.


Hoda baby; remember, the squeaking wheel gets the grea$e.

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