Solid game of the DOZENS

Trump lawyer threatens ‘imminent’ legal action against Steve Bannon, gives 24 hours to cease and desist

The old game of sticks and stones routine has gotten way out of hand between Bannon and PDT. It has evolved into an old street get back  contest game of, playing the dozens.

This is the way it starts. One idiot calls the other idiot an idiot. Idiot #2 comes back with; don’t play the dozens cause the dozens ain’t your game; I knocked up your Ma Ma and your Daddy got the blame (I cleaned it up slightly). These nasty word exchanges can continue for hours until one of the idiots can BEST the other idiot.

Neither one of the fools knows when enough is enough and many times the two windup go to knuckle junction. That is the downside of busting balls and playing the dozens; many times it gets so out of control and some people that are not involved in the verbal attacks are the ones that suffer the most.

Any indexmoments yet???

There is too much conversation in too many areas that is highly unprofessional and unethical.  I really don’t know if the parties concerned will ever clean up their act!! It sounds more like a school yard argument between 7 year old kids.

A we say in Italian; se le scarpe si adattano, indossale

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