Poor management and control ……..

NFL TV viewership takes heavy hit again in 2017

Poor management and loss of control has cost the NFL (Not For Long) dearly.  The attendance in 2017 dropped more than 10% of the TV viewers. May I say; I am one of the 10%ers and proud  of it.

Just like anything else in life, the longer we abstain from things we love to do, the more used we get doing without.  Like a guy that has passed his peek in his life of sexual activities at the age of 75 and can no longer perform. It really bothers him in the beginning but the longer he goes without getting any trim, the less he thinks about it. Some-O Same-O!!

The Kneelers really don’t surprise me with their ongoing antics. What is very interesting, the tail is wagging the dog instead of the dog wagging the tail.  It would be a cold day in Buffalo, if someone that worked for my company directly disobeyed my orders or company policies. They would not last long enough to eat their pepper and egg sandwich that is wrapped in the greasy wax paper, their mother pack for them for their Friday lunch.


To put it in perspective; the spoiled, pampered brats are bull-dozing the billionaires and the bill-ya-dummies  are allowing them to do so. If they need someone with a set of nuts to straighten out there mess; I am available. Contact me by email.

I hope the boycott continues to grow and picks up steam.  It is about time all of the anti-American Kneelers and owners get injured the most where it hurts; not on the field of play but in their bank-accounts.

When the Bling Bangers have to start hocking some of that junk they wear around their necks and on their wrist to buy groceries and pay the rent; only then will the light go on.


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