The joke called Un-United Nations

The lopsided situation that exists between the Un-United Nations and the USA is an absolute joke.

For decades; for reason unknown, the leaders of our country have been shelling out the vast majority of the funding to keep the UN funded. Like a rich uncle thing.

There are 193 nations in the dis-organization. The USA has been paying well over 22% to keep the wrecked ship afloat. I am the fist one to understand that some countries are very poor and not able to match funds with the big boys, BUT there can be and should be a system set up where they HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE financially, even if it is a small amount.

It will compared the USA to some rich old fool that goes on vacation with the same bunch of parasites every year. Every years it has been the same old scenario; the leaches in the group, wine and dine themselves in style but do not come up with one thin dime.  Essentially, they are laughing at the old fool and keep wondering how long his benevolent stupidity will last.

One day the old man finally has a light bulb go off in his head and decides he has had enough. It is about time the people he vacations with come up shooting with their fair share.

Naturally; as human nature would have it; all of a sudden, for the decades when the old man paid the tab, they all loved him; although they thought he was a fool. Now he that he cut off their water, he is public enemy #1 and on everyone’s shit list. My question to the old man is; what the hell took you so long to wake up??? Answer; there is a new sheriff in town.

Not only are the parasitic leaches pissed off at the old man, there are droves of idiots out there in his own family that are oblivious and think the old man is a demon.  John Stossel would say; give me a break – I’ am saying, give me a %$@&^% break.


The United States is host to the headquarters of the United Nations, which includes the usual meeting place of the General Assembly in New York City, the seat of the Security Council and several bodies of the United Nations. The United States is the largest provider of financial contributions to the United Nations, providing 22 percent of the entire UN budget in 2017 (in comparison the next biggest contributor is Japan with almost 10 percent, while EU countries pay a total of above 30 percent).[1] From July 2016 to June 2017, 28.6 percent of the budget used for peacekeeping operations was provided by the United States.[2] The United States had a pivotal role in establishing the UN.

Donald Trump says United Nations is ‘just a club for people to have a good time’ – and warns that when he takes office ‘things will be different’


There are 382 salaries for 294 jobs at United Nations. Salaries posted anonymously by United Nations employees. 382 salaries for 294 jobs means that some of the officials are double dipping.

A little history of the UN-UN:

The Corruption of the United Nations

The oil-for-food scandal was an international embarrassment—but it’s just one example in an organization rife with corruption.

Rape. Murder. Billions of dollars in fraud and embezzlement on a global scale. The United Nations, formed to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,” has instead become more like a movie too graphic to show your children.

In the last year, the reputation of the UN has been shredded by allegations of kickbacks, billions of dollars in graft in the oil-for-food scandal, the rape of minors in the Congo sex scandal, and a total lack of accountability. United Nations officials know it’s time for serious reform.

 Power in numbers has always been the way to be successful; BUT, the members of any organization MUST be supportive and loyal, not free-loading leaches just hanging around waiting for the OLD MAN to pick up the check again.

It is amazing to me that many of the spoiled, parasitic members of the UN can not understand or do not want to understand why PDT has taken his position of equal contributions by all members. It is only good business. Even more hilarious are the people in the USA that do not agree with PDT. They are complete fools.

If the money to support the UN-UN was coming directly out of their pockets, we certainly would see a completely different attitude.  These people do not understand, they are the ones that are paying the freight for the free-loaders.

Let us put things into perspective. The UN was instituted in 1945 after WW II in order to keep peace in the world and prevent similar conflicts/wars. Tell me something; do you think they have accomplished their mission???

Rough estimates show that 51 million people have been killed in wars since WW II. Does it look like the Un-United Nations have done their job?? Why does it still exist??

I would say; at this point in time, the OLD MAN is tired of picking up the tab. The time has come for the UN-United Nations gets their act together or shuts it’s doors.

Quoting PDT; just a club for people to have a good time, with someone else picking up the tab.

IFFFFFF; the UN was making even modest progress in the areas their organization was founded for, I would be the 1st one to encourage their existence. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

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