Never send a BOY to do a MAN’S job


ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory — mostly since Trump took office, officials say


THE PACIFIST AND THE WARRIOR – who would you want watching your back???

Never send a boy to do a man’s job. That is exactly what the USA did when Barrack Obama was elected and given the monumental task of defeating our enemies in combat, here at home and across the pond. He failed miserably in both areas.

It is astounding that one man and his illogical ideologies could have put our country back so many years in such a short amount of time.  His administration reminded me of a Thanksgiving dinner. They take forever to make and only 10 minutes to eat/demolish.

There is absolutely no rhyme, reason or logic behind why anyone could make such erroneous decisions; unless; # 1 they were stupid or #2  they made them deliberately. Obama is a lot of things but he is not stupid. That leaves door # 2.

Many of his irresponsible faux pas will affect the entire world for many years to come; while he is sucking up all of the bennies he can as an ex-president and will NEVER be held accountable for his deliberate carelessness.

Two of the most significant blunders he made were, the Iran one sided whore-deal and secondly, the manner in which he saw fit to combat our enemies, mainly ISIS or ISIL as he preferred to call them.

I don’t even want to mention Obama-care. Did I mention Obama-care???

Definition of combat:

noun: combat; plural noun: combats
  1. 1.
    fighting between armed forces.
    “men killed in combat
    synonyms: battle, fighting, action, hostilities, conflict, war, warfare;

    “he was killed in combat”
    • nonviolent conflict or opposition.
      “intellectual combat”
verb: combat; 3rd person present: combats; past tense: combated; past participle: combated; gerund or present participle: combating; past tense: combatted; past participle: combatted; gerund or present participle: combatting
  1. 1.
    take action to reduce, destroy, or prevent (something undesirable).
    “an effort to combat drug trafficking”
    synonyms: fight, battle, tackle, attack, counter, resist, withstand;

    impede, block, thwart, inhibit;
    stop, halt, prevent, check, curb
    “they tried to combat the disease”


Nowhere in the definitions  above do I see  the words,  cater to – play with – or placate. Successful combat is a means of destroying the enemy and the total inhalation of them so they can not proceed with their mission. Obama was playing a game of paddy cake with them instead of going all out to win.

Now that we have a New Sheriff in town that knows the meaning of is and how to win, the tides have turned dramatically on ISIS and homegrown terrorists.  It seems that in a very subtle way, almost invisible at this stage, the USA is slowly but surely, once again gaining ground and taking control of our enemies.

IF ONLY – IF ONLY – IF ONLY, we could convince the OTHER SIDE (PC-pathetic) of their misunderstanding or ignorance of the issues that are taking the country down. What monumental success we could have if they assisted the New Sheriff with his mission of law and order; the endeavor would be so much easier and effective.

I will never be on the same page with the PC-pundits and their illogical, nonsensical  ways of viewing issues.  Much of what they profess or want the public to believe in, is so out of  the realm of  commonsense or logical way of perception, it is astounding.

Cold hard facts are cold hard facts and can not or should not be altered.  98%  of the time, there is only one way to deal with cold hard facts; head on. The ass kicking the world and the USA has taken in the last 8 years is indicative that the Obama MO does not work. We have regressed so rapidly, in so many areas, it is preposterous.  If left to proceed with his mission, the USA could have been called the Cuba of the northern hemisphere.

No sane person wants or approves of wars; BUT if we are forced into a corner and pressed into combat, we must do anything and everything it takes to win that war. We must be smarter, faster, more cunning, decisive, as devious as the enemy and expedient to end it as quick as possible.

Some FOLKS have a misconception of fighting a war the PC way. Using a PC /Obama method, the war drags on for years and usually never come to a conclusion. If a war is fought to win and win quickly, using all  methods at our disposal, essentially the casualties and collateral damages are much less and less costly. There should never be a war, BUT if there is, fight the war to win.  It should not be turned into a PC-popular contest.  The only rule in wars is to win.


Go get them Sheriff. Play it close to the vest, don’t show your hand and put these tyrant terrorists abroad and here in the USA where they belong, 12 feet under.


Nick; I can’t tell you all my secrets!! LOL

Can we even imagine how far up a tree  the USA would be in a alligator pond, with the critters nipping at our heels,  if BB was sitting in the love seat with her VP Bill??



SUPPORT PDT  and the military; the life you will save may be your own.

Get off your knees – stand up and be recognized. Don’t forget, God hates a coward!!


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