Power of prayer???


Pope Francis appeals for unity, laments ‘winds of war’ in Christmas message from Vatican


I hate to clue the pope in; the majority of the warmongers out there, the king pins that control the chaos in the world and keep it such a disarray, they do not believe in anything but their obsessions for power, money and control, let alone believing in God or prayer.

There is only a couple real solutions to world peace. Live and let live and respecting one another’s positions and opinions. NEVER HAPPEN.  Mankind will not be satisfied until we annihilate one another.

If prayers were the answer to world peace, I would think by now, THE MAN would have settled all the dust clouds on the planet by now.

IF – IF – IF,  there is a Supreme Being that can control the future and mankind’s behavior, I would love to see him (or her, gotta be careful these days not to insult anyone) send down a few individual gigantic lightening bolts and blow their greasy asses off the face of the earth.


To me that seems to be a reasonable solution. Sacrifice a few scum bags to save billions of people. It is  a no-brainier.

I don’t want to take any THUNDER away from THE BELIEVERS. If pray is an answer, by all means, go for it.

In my very realistic, practical and common-sensed way of thinking, I will give mankind a 10 thumbs up for averting disaster and a 90 thumbs down that we will witness a significant disruption in some manner.  I would love to be wrong!!

We can all start by respecting everyone you come in contact. It is not necessary to like them, just respect them. Possibly and optimistically it will become infectious and spread throughout the world.  With respect and maybe some prayers added, we can overcome this world wide insanity we are living in.

That being said; Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. For all the non-believers, Bah Hum Bug.

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