Nefarious record

Huffington Post

2017 Was Mexico’s Deadliest Year On Record

23,101 murder investigations were launched in the year’s first 11 months.

WOOOOOW!! They must be ingesting a lot of Loco Weed south of the boarder. Those out of control gun slingers killed more people in one year, then a lot of the cities in the country have residence. That is one hell of a way to control the population growth.

They had a bad year in 2011,  there were only 22,490 offed in Mexico.

A great number of the deaths were drug related. The banditos kill everyone from reporters to judges, cops and anyone that takes a stand against them.

Years back, when the drug trade was gaining traction in Mexico, the authorities more or less ignored their presents, assuming that sooner or later their criminal empire would self-destruct. WRONG. The longer they ignored them, the bigger and more powerful they became.  Now it is to the point, the banditos are armed and financed better than the government.  The drug lords are making so much money they are transporting it by the truck loads.

Is the drug trade in Mexico or for that matter, anywhere in the world ever going to subside? Absolutely not. As long as there are fools and imbeciles lining up to buy it, sticking it up their nose, injecting it into their bodies, smoking it, the drug trade will continue to flourish.

I think it is safe to say; in many ways mankind is self-destructing.  Between the abuse of drugs, booze, terrorism, wars and a host of other scenarios, the future of the human race looks very bleak.

There are millions of people out there that have their heads stuck in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the conditions in the world. They are only fooling themselves. It will take a number of years, BUT if the brakes are not put on mankind’s misbehaving, sooner or later we will all have to Pay the Piper.

I absolutely do not think there is ever going to be a reversal.  It is too far gone and grown too big to turn around.  The epidemics of heroin and opioids in this country are off the charts.

When we have a government that is afraid to go after a company like McKesson because they are too big and too powerful; what the hell does that tell us.

Take a few minutes and look over the interview below that was aired on 60 Minutes with, they call him a whistle blower, I call him a hero. You will be astounded.

Is it a sad commentary or what that our government refuses to take action against a company like that?? Thousands of people are killing themselves because of the unwillingness of our government to go after people/companies like that and shut them down. Not fine them or give them a slap on the wrist; SHUT THEM DOWN.

As long as the drug companies are being protected and given preferential treatment, the same sad old story of people killing themselves with drugs and over drugs, is going to persist.

To all the druggies out there; little at a time you are killing yourself and making life miserable for those around you.  Wake up and kick the habit.

To the government; get off your dead ass and go after abuser like McKesson, no matter how much money and power they have. Do what you are getting paid for!!! God hates a coward.

By the way; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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