Fools behind congressional walls

Fox News

Two great headlines this morning:

Defense cuts looming unless Congress takes action next month


While Russia – China – North Korean – Iran and some of our other adversaries  are pouring billion$ into their military, the USA is way behind the 8 ball.  Mainly because of the ignorance of our last administration, that cut the hell out of our defense budget. I don’t know how many times I asked myself; whose side is this guy on?? What is between that mans ears??


The more I ponder the subject, the more I am convinced of my Manchurian Candidate theory.

Fact Check: Has President Obama ‘Depleted’ The Military?

Why may I ask, what were his motives? ANDDDDD; to think if Bill’s bride was elected, she was going to continue with his legacy. A fate worse then death!!

If that ever would have eventuated, we might as well give all of our adversaries giant ball bats with big spikes embedded in them, lay down and let them slaughter us all.

Like it or not, peace loving or not, it is a fact of life, in the violent world we live in; the strongest, smartest and most well equipped are going to be the victors.

What has kept our country safe for so many years? Our military. The congressional fools just cut 100 billion dollar$ from PDT’s 700 billion military budget. These funds were to be spent not only for new equipment and technology but to repair the weapons sitting in bone yards rusting away because there are no dollar$ to recondition them.  Naturally, as always; the DC Duds waited until the last minute to act.  These people should be ashamed to collect their very healthy paychecks.

Take a look at what these parasites are compensated for what they do. Their $174,000 a year salary is just the tip of the ice-pick they keep sticking in our backs.

Headline # 2

US Navy to lower fitness standards as it looks to boost headcount

To put insult upon injury; the Navy is reducing it’s physical fitness and aptitude qualification for applicants and existing personal to keep the numbers in their ranks up.

Like a snow balling affect. 1st reduce the physical fitness qualifications; totally out of shape is OK; these are the people that are supposed to set the standards and defend us. They are all going to be like the fat cop who is trying to jump a fence chasing a criminal.  Totally out of gas.

To the extreme; next disregard a persons history of drug use; smoking dope or being drunk while on duty may be permissible.

Next forget their criminal backgrounds. I don’t know exactly what will be the ceiling for acceptable offenses for them to get under the wire? Rape, murder???

Finally; lower the test scores for their IQ tests. Before we know it, our military ranks will be filled with a bunch of drugged up, drunken, babbling idiots whose job it is to keep the country safe.

Village of the darned,

The USA has regressed in so many areas it is sinful. 3 years of military service should be mandatory for ALL people like it is in other countries.


Military service longer than 18 months

The following thirty-two countries have been identified as having compulsory military service terms longer than 18 months:

Lets be honest folks; lying to ourselves and pretending certain unpleasant/dangerous conditions do not exist is not healthy.  The USA has gone down the shitter when it comes to patriotism. All we have to do is watch a football game to substantiate that.

This country, because of it’s  PC mentality has created millions of cowards and the numbers are growing  by the day.  If ANY person is not willing to serve and defend their country, they should NOT be allowed to live in it.


Sen. James Lankford’s government waste report totals over $400 billion

It took me about 30 seconds to find an article on government waste to the tune of  473 bbbbbbbillion dollar$.

Why is it that the Goomba Gazette’s editor and chief can find 473 billion in 30 seconds BUT our illustrious DC Duds can’t find their ass with both hands?? Answer; THEY DO NOT CARE!!!

I have always maintained; if all of the hypocrites were taken out of the pews in churches, the place would be empty. In the same token; if all of the irresponsible politicians were taken out of DC, the town would be deserted.

The vast majority of them do not know the 1st thing about running a government. It is all a stepping stone for them of personal gains. For eons, all we have had sitting in the Big Chair were politicians.  For the most part, they had little to no experience running anything but their mouth.

I have always maintained; what the country needed is a sharp business man to run the country as business not like a hobby. FINALLLLLLLLLLY, we get someone in office that knows the inner most strategies  on how to be successful. With the proper advisors in place, (he seems to be getting a handle on it) PDT can make monumental changes into putting the USA back on the top of the world where it belongs.  What happens when he gets in office; he runs into a brick wall whenever he tries to move forward. Plain and simple. 1st, after one year, the Boulder Rollers are still pissed off they lost the election – 2ndly, they simply don’t like PDT.

There are several things I don’t like about PDT. My only concern is, he does what he said he was going to do and he seems to be making good progress in those directions.

Has THE MAN made some mistakes along the way trying to get his feet on the ground?? Absolutely yes. BUT, he has done more in 1 year then Obama did in 8.  PDT is a solid patriot, while Mr. O may be the Manchurian Candidate. Never say never. Take a look at some of his brilliant moves and then tell me …….

MESSAGE: To all of the PC-fools out there, in and out of politics. Without a super strong military, one of these days we may be eating with chopsticks and washing it down with Russian vodka; that is if we are lucky.

Support PDT and help keep your country safe. After-all, it is all for your own benefit.

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