Pa Pa got the boot


The papa of Papa John’s is leaving the CEO seat



John Schnatter, who founded the Papa John’s pizza chain in the 1980s, is leaving the chief executive seat.

He’ll stay on with the company as its chairman, the company said Thursday in a press release. Replacing him is Steve Ritchie, the current chief operating officer. The change will take effect on January 1, the company said. There was no reason given for the change in leadership.

Only a fool would not acknowledge that Schnatter’s remarks about the anti-America Kneelers is the cause of John getting the boot.

Sad to say; that here in the good-old-US of A, where freedom of speech WAS one of the benefits and luxuries afforded to it’s citizens, has now been flushed down the PC toilet because of some spineless heavy hitters that control the country’s purse strings and some cowardly citizens that will not support their country.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I don’t know if Schnatter was 100% accurate when he commented on the decline of his sales; BUT we all know that what he said had to have have a partial impact on the bottom line.

This is what Pa Pa John said in regards to the Kneelers; This should have been nipped in the bud a year and a half ago, the controversy is polarizing the customer, polarizing the country. He also blamed the controversy for dismal sales.

Lets face it; we all  know that money talk and bull-shit walks.  John was given the old heave ho only to pacify the PC-ers in this country.  Pizza and football go together like peanut butter and jelly.  We can do without the combo but it just isn’t the same.  I think we can call Pa Pa John a sacrificial lamb that was put on the fire pit to appease the fools out there.


So much for loyalty to John. This and just other example that show the acronym CEO only means Can’t Even Object.

I guess that little slip of the of his lip had a severe impact of John’s bottom line.  According to Forbes his net worth dropped $70 million between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. As of Wednesday, Schnatter was worth $801 million. Schnatter owns roughly 25% of Papa John’s.

That is a serious loss in anybody’s book. Possibly John s better off cashing in, putting his feet up somewhere and get out of the rat race. 801 million is a pretty good piece of change to live out the rest of his days. 

I have to say; the kneelers have definitely struck a cord with their anti-Amerian sympathizers. The pathetic NFL owners stooped so far as to try and bribe them by offering 100 million dollar$ to straighten up and stand erect for the flag.

NFL Anthem Protests Week 13 – $100 Million Bribe Won’t Stop Kneeling


 This week, a league that has tried just about everything from negotiating to pleading to offering reasonable alternatives to insulting the players did a true Hail Mary – they offered to fund causes important to the African-American community over a five-to-six year period to the tune of $100 million.

Under the proposed deal, the United Negro College Fund and Dream Corps. would receive $25 million each, with the remainder of the funding going to the ad-hoc Players Coalition to distribute as they desire. In return, the national anthem protests that have generated fan anger, sponsor anguish and lowered TV ratings would end.

If this is not an example of reversed racism  by the NFL, nothing else is. Why would the NFL offer 100 million dollar$ ONLY to the African-American community?  Are they prejudice against white America and all the rest of the races??  That in itself should be a very big reason for all races to boycott football.

This thing has become absolutely pathetic to see how these supposed powerful men, the owners of the NFL are such spineless cowards.

What the hell would any other organization/company do if their employees refused to follow the guidelines and directives of their organization? They would see the EXIT door before lunch time.

This may sound a little off key to some; BUT, I have more respect for the Kneelers than I do the NFL owners.  At least they are not willing to compromise their position.

Pizza anyone????


The NFL owners should remember the cliche; EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE.  Remember the 1987 season. They survived.

1987 NFL season – Wikipedia

Jump to The NFLPA StrikeThis season featured games predominantly played by replacement players as the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) players were on strike from weeks four to six. The season ended with Super Bowl XXII, with the Washington Redskins defeating the Denver Broncos 42–10 at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego.

Get some balls BOYS!!!!!



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