Maybe the light finally went on.

Hell freezes over: Media start admitting that Trump’s first year isn’t a flop

By Howard Kurtz | Fox News

I have sensed for weeks now that some in the media were on the verge of rolling out a contrary take on President Trump’s first year in office.

And in the wake of yesterday’s final passage of massive tax cuts, that moment has arrived.

The dominant media narrative, of course, is that Trump hasn’t gotten much done, that he’s in over his head, that he doesn’t understand government, that he keeps picking petty fights rather than winning big battles.

But the thing about the pundits is that they get tired of pushing the same line, week after week, month after month. Some inevitably want to seize credit for a new insight, for getting ahead of the pack with a burst of contrarian wisdom.

And that hot take is, hey, maybe Trump has gotten some important things done after all.

What we have in PDT is a talker (without a doubt) BUT more importantly a doer.  He often spouts off when he shouldn’t and lets that Tweety Bird phone of his get him in trouble. It seems at times he is captivate by the critter and his compulsions get the best of him.


I believe when looking at the big picture, history is going to look VERY favorably at PDT.

It has to be obvious to all people that don’t  wear blinders or have a potato stuck in their ears, PDT IS a peoples president. Is he going to or has he made mistakes along the way. Absolutely. BUT, looking objectively at what he is attempting to do, it is all for the betterment of the USA on the whole.

Can we imagine what kind of accomplishments he could make if he had the support of the Boulder Rollers. His achievements would be phenomenal.  He is going to reach his goals anyway but co-operation will make his task a lot easier.

I will compare PDT to a brash, outspoken, a little rough around the edges guy that comes into a new family by way of marriage.  When the family first met this guy, most of the family members can’t stand him because of his unusual personality. The longer the NEW GUY was around, the more the family could see that he is a good man after all that just needed a little polishing and getting used to. His intentions are impeccable and he loves his new family.

I say; give him a chance, support him in any way we can and we will see the great results he has committed to.  All of his intentions are directed to making American a better and safer place to live.


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