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Trump administration finds success in bringing home Americans detained abroad

This is the end result when we have some one sitting in THE BIG CHAIR that has a set of balls and can not be ramrodded or slapped around by foreign or domestic bullies.

Republican National Convention: Day Four    images

Especially in the Obama administration; there were many opportunities when he could have negotiated/demanded the release of our people locked up on bogus charges as part of THE DEAL.

Obama’s mission as president, in many cases, was not to look out for the welfare of all USA’s citizens, he had personal agendas on his to do list.   Getting the citizens of the USA out of foreign prisons was not one of them

With the Iran debacle; he could have very easily DEMANDED the release of all American citizens in Iranian prison that were locked up for trumped up charges  before any negotiations took place.  That never happened. His disastrous/one sided obsession came before the welfare of the American citizens.  That to me was disgraceful.

Sooner or later, the Boulder Rollers HAVE to come to the realization, PDT is for all the people, not just the chosen few as we have witnessed with previous administrations.

Folks; in life when we engage in some situations, many times the complete package is not what we expected. BUT; as long as we are getting 75% or better of what we thought we bought; to me that is a winner.  Read between lines.


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