What an I DO can get you these days if ….

What an simple I DO can get you these days if you just happen to marry a prince.


You can go from   mHw_kWxKM2Il  to images

and from  NwlIEqLXHyHl     to         buckingham-palace-_3554294k

She did and she will!!

In the words of The Great One    index  – How sweet it is

Meghan’s situation is a fairy tale story that only comes around once in millions of arrangements between a man and a women.  With a simple I DO, she is going from a modest house in Toronto, to some palatial mansion in the UK and a few other hide-outs around the world.

Marrying Prince Harry is better than hitting the Irish Sweepstakes for Meghan. Good for her!!

Now that she is going to have new digs, she has given up her bachelorette pad in Toronto. She will be living in the cottage at Kensington Palace.  Quiet a step up for the lady.

Being the world is full of gougers and opportunists, her modest little place in Canada was put on the market by the owner for $1.395 million . The world is full of gold diggers scrounging around that never miss an opportunity to scalp someone.


You can bet that some wealthy groupie is going to jump on it right away, just so they can say they slept in the same place Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales once did.

How two very short, simple words can change someones life. YOU MAY, I WILL or I DO.

Best wishes to the intendants.

I am still having a hard time trying to figure out what an appropriate gift will be when I go to the wedding. After all, they must have everything one can imagine. I don’t want to seem cheap, so maybe I will bring them a couple cases of capocollo and Prosciutto.  Sounds like a unique gift.

images          8.jpg

They can serve them as hores-d-vors.

Better think about getting a new outfit as well.



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