What kind of gun powder do these stud eat??

Shocking new details of Matt Lauer’s alleged affair with much younger assistant revealed


Addie Collins Zinone was a production assistant that worked with Lauer in 2000.  It was quiet some time after meeting before Lauer put the moves on Zinone but when he did, she did not resist.  We can call her a will participant. The affair lasted for 10 months.

In this situation, it would not classify as sexual harassment or rape because it was consensual.  That being said; it is hard to understand why Zinone dropped a quarter on Lauer.  The only thing she can get out of it is bad publicity and brought shame to herself and family.  She would have been better off fermeing her  la bouche. Many times the less said, the better.

Where in the hell do these sexual deviates find the time and ENERGY to engage in all of their sexual activities.

The majority of them are married which complicates their situations. They have to be taking care of business at home or that would draw suspicion by their better half, unless they have an arrangement.

Taking care of business at home, having two or three lady friends on the side or in Wineburgers situation, dozens;  some of these studs are super-men.  They have to be burning through those blue pills like Wimpy goes through burgers.

index.jpg                   index

Beside accommodating all of their females sexually, they always have to remember the last lie they told so they do not put a noose around the neck (upper or lower).

What is most astounding me is the lack of concern they have for their families. Many of them are having sex with ladies/girls as young as their daughters, close in age or younger.

Take Wild Bill for instance.  Monica is only 6.5 years older than Chelsea.  That alone should have detour WB from going astray.  If at the time, he would have had an affair with an women more his age, I don’t think the public would have been so down on him.


This trend we are seeing with people going astray is nothing new. It has been going on since the human race were riding dinosaurs.


It is a shame that so many people other than the Horny Toads that are being damaged by their indiscretions; especially their kids.  Like so many other unpleasant situations we come across in life; what is the answer/solution??  There is none.





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1 Response to What kind of gun powder do these stud eat??

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I guess they take their vitamins daily


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