Great idea

Kaper-dick wants a piece of the action: ‘I want in on’ Panthers ownership group with Diddy

Some of you may have heard that P-Diddy or whatever his name is at the moment, is consider taking a stab at owning an NFL team.  The current owner of the Panthers is being accused of sexual harassment and is pulling up stakes.  Now Kaper-dick wants a piece of Diddy’s  action.

I think it is a great idea. This way when the NFL really starts feeling the financial pinch for what he initiated, he will see how it feels to be on the other side of the fence.

Already; because of the decline in attendance and home viewing, they are talking about eliminating Thursday night games.  If they eliminate Thursday night games, they are going to cut the players salaries to compensate for their losses. That will go over like a fart in St. Patrick’s Cathedral and may get a few of them kneelers back to their feet.

I can just envision the power struggle between Diddy, Kaper-dick and the rest of the NEW CREW’s ownership of the team, all wanting to BE THE MAN!!!


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