Talk about a patriot

Fox News

Australian man accused of brokering North Korea missile sales

Australian police have arrested a Sydney man accused of acting as an agent for North Korea by allegedly attempting to broker sales for Pyongyang including components used in ballistic missiles.

“This case is like nothing we have ever seen on Australia soil,” Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan told reporters Sunday morning. “This is black market 101.”

The suspect has been identified as a 59-year-old naturalized Australian citizen who was born in South Korea. He was arrested Saturday and charged over two transactions that were unsuccessful.

Topping off the fact that the worm is a traitor for ca$h and a low life scum bag, he is also a traitor. The worm was born in South Korea and was attempting to sell components of mass destruction to North Korea.  Nice guy!!

There is a list I put together that is too long to post of the most despicable people on the planet. This worm fits right up there with drug dealers and pedophiles.  When anyone is that low and desperate that they will aid and abet the enemy, putting his own people in jepordy, there are too few words to describe them.

After his trial, where he is sure to be found guilty; I have the perfect punishment for him. Take his greasy, traitor ass to North Korea and strap him  to the next rocket the Kid-dick-tator shoots off.  This punishment will serve a couple of purposes. 1st we can put the traitor  into an eye for an eye category and 2nd the worm will get to see up close how well the parts he sold his soul for, worked.

Like many of the other rockets The Kid shoots off, hopefully this one will explode on the launching pad.


Live by the rocket, die by the rocket.  What can be more fair??



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