The kid is a Hero

Man faces life in prison for killing girlfriend’s molester, says he’s ‘not sorry’


A Louisiana man who faces a mandatory life term in prison after confessing to the brutal killing of his girlfriend’s convicted molester said he is “not sorry” for what he did.

The Advocate reported that Jace Crehan was found guilty Thursday in the 2015 stabbing and strangling death of Robert Noce Jr, who was 47. 

Noce, a former boyfriend of Brittany Monk’s mother, was reportedly sleeping in his trailer during the early morning attack. Crehan reportedly stuffed his body into a 55-gallon container.

The kid is a hero and should have The Keys to the city handed to him.  It should be mandatory for all molesters/rapists to have to deal with the families of their victims.  It would not take too long before all the rest of the degenerates got the message.

Not to mention all of the time and $oldi wasted by the authorities  on prosecuting the scum.  Many times the perpetrator goes free because of having a good ambulance chaser, a fix with the gavel guy or they come from an affluent family.

With the advent of our LIBERAL THINKING society; the punishment for  crimes of sex against women have diminished dramatically.  Years back, in some states the crime of rape brought the death penalty.

In Ohio:

Definition of Capital Homicide Assassination of public official; for hire; escape detection, apprehension, trial or punishment for another offense; committed while a prisoner in detention facility; prior murder convictions or multiple victims now; victim was peace officer; rape, kidnapping, aggravated arson, aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary; witness of crime to prevent testimony or retaliation for testimony

The only down side to  Crehan’s situation is, if the there was a case of mistaken identity or the lady lied about being molested/raped.  Those two scenarios do happen frequently.

In this situation to appease both sides; I say give the kid six months and a gold star.



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