Is it possible????

Emanuel rolls out ID for Chicago’s ‘undocumented’

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveils ‘City Keys’ ID program designed to welcome the ‘undocumented’ community and people ‘on the sidelines’ into the city. #Tucker

Is it possible that anyone is that detached (or in laymen terms) stupid???
Let us take a wild guess whose right hand man Robby was a few years back??
Based on what is going on these days, is this a little too close for comfort?
If we asked Robby if his political/crime prevention tactics are working for him as the mayor one of the country’s of a killing capitols in the USA; a dollar to a donut he will give us a thumbs up.
Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 603
Shot & Wounded: 2856
Total Shot: 3459
Total Homicides: 652
That number is greater than the population of some cities.
I want to be fair with Robby. As hard as he is trying to be #1; according to last years standings,  he has a long way to go being 8th on the charts.
By trying everything in his power to make the illegals legal, that may bring him up in the standings.

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