Will they ever learn??

Fox News

Uber driver raped 16-year-old girl, authorities say

An Uber driver was arrested Thursday in Georgia, accused of raping a 16-year-old female passenger earlier in the week.


Abdoulie Jagne, 58, was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail in north central Georgia, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. Authorities told the station that more charges could be coming.

The teen told police she had been drinking at a bar with friends on Sunday night, WSB-TV Atlanta reported. One of the girl’s friends then called an Uber ride for her, and that’s when Jagne picked her up, authorities told the station.

One thing that jumped out at me when I read the article.  A 16 year old girl had been drinking at a bar with friends.  What the hell is the bar doing serving a 16 year old kid? I think the bar should share some responsibility in this attack.

One of the girls friends called her an Uber because she was so hammered she could not even walk. The scumbag Uber driver took the girl to a secluded location, took advantage of her intoxicated state where he raped her.

I have seen it 1,000’s of times where a younger looking person tries to buy a pack of CANCER STICKS in a convenient store, they are carded.  Why is it they can’t buy CANCER STICKS but the can be served in bars?

I know fake ID cards are a dime a dozen and it is very difficult ascertain what age some young ladies are today because of the was they dress and how they put on the war paint. BUT it is the responsibility of the bars owners to scrutinize their customers more closely.  That goes with the territory.

This drunk little lady is lucky that the Uber rapist didn’t kill her.

Fortunately; she was dropped off at a nearby apartment complex, where she started banging on several doors, seeking help. When the cops arrived she was found with her pants around he ankles and clearly intoxicated.

Possibly if the bar owners are held accountable accordingly for serving minors and the aftermath, some of these incidents would not happen.

Will they ever learn?? We know the answer.



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