Real men don’t behave so poorly

ESPN a pit of sexism, hostility toward women: report

Current and former ESPN employees say an entrenched locker room culture puts women at a serious disadvantage in the male-dominated world of sports media.

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Real men don’t act the way some  insecure fools do. A large part of their unacceptable antics stems from the facts; they want to show-off in front of their male counterparts, the have very low self-esteem and try to boost it by attempting to dominate or control women,  I don’t want to forget they are scumbags, many of them are very big in stature but ever so small in character, they are control freaks and I don’t want to forget they are scumbags.

Joking and kidding around with the opposite sex can be a lot of fun, if it is not taken to the next level. Everyone on both sides should know where the boundaries are.  It is getting to the point that everyone is too paranoid even to say hello to the opposite sex, look at them, or compliment them.

Even Angela Lansbury agrees with me.

I see the way some ladies dress or should I say half-dress to get attention and then bitch and complain when they get a reaction. I will go so far as to say; many of the ladies that are complaining are the instigators.  They dress VERY inappropriately,  hang that “T” bone steak in front of the starving dogs, then get insulted (or pretends to be) when someone remarks on how they look.

Can’t have it both ways ladies.  Don’t get the starving dogs all excited and you won’t be bitten.

It is a two way street folks.  The old saying was; they get pissed off when they get whistled at but get even more pissed when they don’t.


For all of the decent dames (used with respect) out there, I am on your side. For all of the floozies, there was a game show on TV years ago called:





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