The fleecing of America

There are now 17 states that allow the purchase of lottery tickets with a credit card. Ohio has just joined in with the pack of thieves.

Problem Gambling Facts

  • Compulsive gambling (or pathological gambling) is a recognized and treatable mental illness.
  • 4% of the adult population may have a gambling problem.
  • Problem gambling rates among teens and young adults have been shown to be 2-3 times that of adults.
  • Providing a financial bailout for compulsive gamblers may actually make the problem worse.
  • Gambling is not a way to solve financial problems.
  • While only the gambler is responsible for his/her gambling problem, family members may be able to take action to protect the family financially.
  • Common problems that often occur with problem gambling include substance abuse, depression, anxiety and stress-related medical problems.
  • The best way to help a problem gambler is to be honest with him/her about your concerns and provide them information about available help.
  • Children of problem gamblers may be at higher risk for a broad range of health, mental health and school-related problems.
  • It is often difficult to tell when someone has a gambling problem, because there are no physical signs or biological tests as there are for substance abuse. Therefore, it is easier to hide a gambling problem for a longer period of time.

Sign displayed in lottery stores and casinos’:

                                    Play Responsibly


Are you kidding me?? These people are the biggest hypocrites (almost as bad as a politician) in the world when it comes to hanging that Golden Pork Chop in front of a addicted gambler nose.

Not only have the thieves added numbers to the already almost impossible chance of winning Power Ball and Mega games, now the crooks are making/have made all of their vending machines in 17 states credit card accessible.

Odds of hitting the Power Ball are now 292 million to 1 – hitting the Mega are 1 in 258,890,850.

                                        Play Responsibly


We all know they don’t really mean it.

These thieves are not satisfied with having half of the pie, they want it all.  This world is so corrupted, it would not surprise me if the credit card companies are in bed with the lottery bandits. This has to be a gigantic windfall for them as well.

Sad lottery loser stories:

Another eye opener that I did not know. The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) is an American non-profit, government-benefit association owned and operated by agreement of its 34-member lotteries. MUSL was created to facilitate the operation of multi-jurisdictional lottery games, most notably Mega Millions and Powerball.



Just like the churches and gigantic corporations that are making trillions, through manipulation of the tax system, they have qualified as non-profits organizations. All non-profits should be abolished.


 Nonprofits are also exempt from paying sales tax and property taxes. While the income of a nonprofit organization may not be subject to federal taxes, nonprofit organizations do pay employee taxes (Social Security and Medicare) just like any for-profit company
Like everything else in our corrupted, money mongering world, the rich get richer and the poor get buckets.
Who are the gambling organizations trying to kid? We all  know they will take a homeless person last dime and then steal his shoes. That horse-shit disclaimer they put out there ; PLAY RESPONSIBILITY is nothing but a hoax to covers their thieving asses.
I would feel much better about the lottery agencies if they were not such hypocrites.  They are virtually locking a drunk in a liquor store overnight and telling him not to have a drink.
I guess 99% of us are all in the same boat; taking a shot, trying to beat the odds and hoping our ship will come in; BUT for the majority of us fools, it never does.

                               Play responsibly



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