Not from where I come from!!!!

Here’s the incredible story of what we can learn from a man who forgave terrorists who tried to kill him


Billy Hallowell | Fox News

Joe Holcombe, a great grandfather who lost nine family members during the horrific mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas;  in an interview told Billy Hallowell a reporter from Fox New,  he holds no resentment for gunman Devin Kelley.  Not to mention the terrorists tried to kill Joe as well.


Joe buddy; are you kidding me.  There are definitely  things that happen in our lives where forgiveness would be a good gesture; like if someone talking a bite of my peanut-putter and jelly sandwich in the lunch room. BUT; forgiving some degenerate terrorist that killed 9 of your family members and tried to kill you; For-get-about-it. That falls into the (trying to be respectful) very foolish category as far as I am concerned.

In Joe’s statement he said; “I don’t hold any resentment to him. I wish he hadn’t of done it, but all I can say is that he is going to be rewarded for what he did – and he’s not going to like that reward, I don’t hate him by any means; I just feel sorry for him.”

I am not trying to diminish Joe’s sensitivities and consolatory personality or character, I just think the man goes way beyond what is normal for forgiving that 2 legged animal that killed 9 of his family members.  Where I come from, the streets would be lined with volunteers wanting to put this coward 6′ under.

Joe should take a wait and see position as to where the terrorist is going to be imprisoned.  Maybe he can arrange to have a gift basket sent to him once a week so they can maintain their friendship.

When we are dealing with 2 legged animals, these sewer rats have no conception  of what kindness and forgiveness means. They view them as weaknesses.

I wonder how all of the other people that had family members slaughtered by the scum feel about Joe’s lack of resentment?

There seems to be a very large group of people that still can not comprehend; the only thing that terrorists respect is someone more violent than they are.

Hands down; if there were only two types of people in the world, #1 animal terrorists and # 2 peace-loving, forgiving people, it would not be too long before door #1 would be ruling the earth.

Take it from a little German girl who was on the front lines and witnessed it first hand.


I still believe in the old time standard of an eye for an eye.

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