Don’t bet on it Douglas …..

Fox News – Douglas Macgregor

North Korea won’t start a war – Trump shouldn’t launch an attack

I say to Douglas Macgergor; don’t bet on it.

I can’t or can anyone else say with 100% certainty that The Kid-dick-tator will or will not press the button. No one really knows beside him and many times that is questionable. This wack-job is the poster child of mass confusion.


There are a couple of things I do know for certain; The Kid is not normal – he isn’t playing with a full deck – he has a lot of boards loose in his attic – he is an egomaniac – does not want to look like a fool by making threats and not carrying them out – he could care less about the safety and security of his people – guys like him WANT to go down in a blaze of glory – the list of why he will hit the red button  are endless.


Take a good look at this character. He looks like a kid that playing a game on his Nintendo.  I think a very big percentage of his escapades are a fantasy to him.

If he ever feels threatened or that he is going to the big fortune cookie in the sky toes first, he DEFINITELY will send the world a going away present.


As far as PDT jumping the gun; that will never happen. There are safety measures in place that he has to follow before making his final decision.  PDT has some short-comings but I do not think one of them is to be the aggressor or the 1st one to make the move.

The only way PDT is going to send The Kid a special delivery package is if he sees something coming of the NK launching pad that is headed in the wrong direction.

I am sure by now; the entire world knows that The Kid is not wrapped too tight and he is very unpredictable.  What he will do is anyone’s guess.  It may even depend on what time of the day it is, or if he ate lunch or not????

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men; only index

The good news is ; there is none.



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