Got a loaf of bread under each arm and …

Civil rights and community leaders: Trump doesn’t deserve to attend museum opening


Just ahead of the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, leaders from the civil rights movement and the local community blasted President Donald Trump’s attendance as an affront to the spirit of the event.

“He does not deserve to be in Jackson for the celebration of the civil rights museum opening,” civil rights activist Amos Brown, a board member of the NAACP, said at a press conference in the city on Saturday. He slammed Trump for “not showing up for our civil rights” both before and during his presidency.

“We respect your office but … we do not respect your attitude and your division of the nation,” he continued.

If Brown wants to talk about the division of the nation, he should take a good look at himself in the mirror and the people around him.

I had a very wise old friend of mine that was a walking encyclopedia when it came to cliches. One of his favorites used to be; the sons-a-bitch has a loaf of bread under each arm and still finds something to bitch about.

There are some people/fools (same thing) in this world, who, regardless of how good they have it, they still find reason to complain about.

I think Amos Brown fits that scenario to “T”.  He hasn’t come to the realization PDT is the people’s president, not just for group or another.


Brown is one of the Boulder Rollers who, regardless of what PDT does or says, even if PDT found a cure for cancer, Brown and people like him would say; Trump invented cancer just so he could say he cured it. (I am plagiarizing JM a good friend of mine with that one)

The Boulder Rollers talk about peace and harmony? When are they going to step up to the plate and start to promote it?

Let us push aside what happened 250 years ago or for that matter yesterday.  Not to forget it but not let it interfere in our quest for peace. We can not change the past but we can control the future.

If this country truly wants peace and harmony, sometime I wonder, let us all pull in the same direction toward the same goals.

The rebellious fools in this country must want their kids to grow up with the same dysfunctionalities they have. If not, they would not be behaving so foolishly.


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