Trump, Mattis turn military loose on ISIS, leaving terror caliphate in tatters

IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the USA had real leaders and military people in place when ISIS  (or ISIL as O-bomb-A respectfully labeled to them ) first threatened our country and the rest of the world, we would not be in the deplorable conditions with terrorism as we are.

IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF President Dick Chaney and his VP, GWB, didn’t illegally invade Iran for financial gain, terrorism as we are witnessing would have never grown to where it is today.

Sad-Ham & Mo-mar-ka-doffi had these people under control until the USA stuck it’s nose where it didn’t belong and open one of the biggest cans of worms this world has ever seen. Every situation we see today is a direct result of their, Cheney and GWB’s warmongering. The entire world will be paying for their, greed, arrogance and stupidity for decades to come.

Why do the PC-ers and the extreme-left-wingers put so little credence in the severity of terrorism? Because the vast majority of what is happening (the attacks) has not affected them directly. If it did, as we see in other countries, they would be on their hands and knees begging PDT to put the hammer on them.

My old quote: Who are the PC-ers and the far-lefters going to be screaming for to rescue them when the terrorists has a kabar to their throat trying to saw their head off??? PDT.


These people are savages and have to be dealt with as such.  Because of our past administration and the Lilly white manner Obama handled the wars, with Kid Gloves,  they have mistaken the USA kindness for stupidity. Back then, I do happen to agree.

The USA now has a man in office, PDT that is a LITTLE radical in some areas, BUTTTTTT, he has a group of military people that know how to take care of business.  PDT is true patriot that does not have his head in the sand and is not one of those PC-freaks that is overly concerned about hurting someone or some country’s feeling.

I said this so many time, it is worth repeating. IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the powers  of the USA’s military can be released/utilized in their full capacities, NONE of our enemies have a prayer of winning a war with us.  It should never have to come to that. Peaceful solutions to the 9th degree,but the 10th has do do what it has to do!!

The hand cuffs have been on the military and law enforcement for years. They need to be taken off and let them do what they are trained for.  IS there going to be collateral damages?  Absolutely yes, but that is one of the gravest bi-products of war.

I can just see the Rollers gathering up the Boulders to roll at PDT and the military. If anyone does not see the severity of the threat ISIS,  other terrorists, the gang activity, law breaking illegals pose to the country, they have rocks in their heads.  There must be a comprehensive strategy  devised to eliminate them permanently, by any means necessary. If given full co-operation, PDT and crew can get the job done.

One of the only reason we ALL are able to live under the freedoms have is because at the time of war, when the government was run by patriots not profiteers, (WW II) the military leaders were allowed to use every weapon at their disposal and didn’t have to worry about political correctness.  PC-ness has no place in war.  Winning is the only thing that matters.

Do the PC-er ever think of where we would be if Harry didn’t drop the Big One? We would all be eating egg foo young with chop sticks and washing it down with German beer.


Harry Truman did what he had to do on account of necessity, not because he enjoyed it.

We have a few old timers like Mad Dog Mattis that know how to fight a war and better yet, how to win. Let us cut him loose and other patriots like him to put their skills to good use.

To all of the naysayers in this country that do not believe we are in jepordy and drastic actions are required; open up your nose and smell the napalm.


I get chills of despair when I think of the possibility of CHC sitting in the Big Chair.

Semper Fi To General Mattis and his crew with the support of PDT. They can get the job done.


GBA and all of those that serve or served so unselfishly and valiantly.

I truly hope for the sake of the country, some of the Boulder Roller, will FINALLY realize that PDT is on their side, see the necessity of his actions and start supporting his missions.

Wars are not won by meddling, corrupt politicians; they are won by dedicated professionals that are trained to kill if necessary, doing it fast, hard and with precision.

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