What; no Santa Claws

‘Everybody feels betrayed’: Matt Lauer’s wife Annette Roque ditches wedding ring, her father says pair will divorce


Good for her. I hope Annette puts the $crew$ to Lauer for all the anguish he has put his family through. Sh looks like a very sweet lady.

The thing I find hard to believe; some of the women who are married to these monsters had to know what type of person their husbands are/were. The Lauers’ were married for 19 years. Some of his Frankenstein characteristics had to surface during that time period.  Did his wife and many of the other women who are married to freaks see the signs but ignored the reality of it? OR do birds of a feather flock together?

It is like Mrs. Sandusky, the wife of the Penn State pervert. She still claims that she knew nothing about her husbands sexual proclivities all the time they were married. Naive, oblivious, head in the sand, foolish, gullible or in denial? Possibly all of the above.


In Sandusky’s case; the sick son-of-a-bitch even adopted a kid so he could molest him.

Kids are all products of their environment.  One of his kids even took over where the old man left off. For the most part, no always but mostly, kids are going to follow the examples that are set for them by their parents.

(CNN) Jeffrey Sandusky, the son of convicted sex abuser and former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, pleaded guilty Friday to all 14 counts of child sexual abuse against him.

Point being; how can two people live together for so long without knowing the other good and bad sides? It is quiet possible, in some cases the mate does not object to the dastardly deeds until they are exposed.

Be that as it may; many of the villains are very crafty people and the expertly conceal their bad habits.  Especially in Lauer’s case where many of his friends, colleagues, even his x-wife were shocked at the allegations.

Lauer may be a more dangerous predator than Wineberger the Hog. Wineburger at least fits the part, where Lauer comes off very deceptive.

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I had breakfast with a good friend on mine this morning, Dr. G, we were discussing this very same issue.  Dr. G and I differ on a lot of  subjects but this one we are unanimous on.  For no other reason – for no other reason – for no other reason; one should assume, anyone with the least bit of moral fiber would consider what impact their secret/dirty lives will have on their families when they finally get caught, especially their kids.  Moral fiber would be the keys words; they have none.

It has to be very difficult for a kid to have to grow up with the sins of their father hanging over their heads.  That is an issue I totally disagree with.  Just because John Dillinger  was a bank robber and killer, it doesn’t men his kids should suffer for it.

To all of the families that have had to suffer because of degenerate or criminal in their family; hold your heads up high. Their sins are not your fault. To all the Boulder Rollers; BACK-OFF. Look in your own closet before pointing the finger.

It is too bad that Annette Lauer and other families that are victims of their relatives sins; had to find out; there really is no Santa.



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