Never enough

Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s first black DA, begins 5-year term after bribery conviction


I can’t help but wonder ow many homies he sent up for the same offensive he committed are waiting at the steel  gates to welcome him.

A nearly two-year investigation into Williams’ financial affairs resulted in a wide-ranging indictment in which he was charged with accepting cash and gifts, fraudulently using thousands of dollars from his campaign fund for personal expenses, misusing city vehicles and misappropriating money intended to fund his mother’s nursing home care.

Two weeks into his June trial, amid damaging testimony about how he accepted perks such as a lavish Caribbean vacation and a Jaguar convertible, Williams pleaded guilty to a single count of accepting a bribe from a businessman who admitted giving him a $3,000 sofa and thousands of dollars in cash payments.

He had been charged with 29 counts of bribery, extortion and fraud. Although 28 counts were dismissed, prosecutors said Williams admitted he committed all the conduct.

Many of these high-flying wanna-bees wise-guys never have enough. They finally attain some fame and fortune in their lives but their new found celebrity status goes to their head. They find out that they have Champagne taste but only Pepsi Cola pockets.  Living way above their means, accepting kickbacks and pay-offs to maintain a higher life-style becomes a way of life.

Like any other  crime, the 1st 100 bill they steal and get away with only escalates their greed and they go for bigger and bigger paydays.  Sooner of later the greed brings them down or they piss someone of that drops a quarter on them.

Some of the other gangster politicians that got with their hands in the cookie jar and were sent up were, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (28 years), former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich (14 years) and former Birmingham, Ala., mayor Larry Langford (15 years).

One of the bigger sharks in the murky waters was Ray Nagin, the x-mayor of New Orleans. When Ray was elected to mayor he QUIT a job paying 400 G’s a year and cut his salary by about 3/4. That alone should that have been a red flag?  Ray definitely had much bigger plans than just being the mayor of the city.  It has been estimated that Ray stole 500 thousand dollar$ or more, or at least that is what he admitted to.

Nagin’s moment of truth occurred in the summer of 2009, when the FBI’s investigation into then-New Orleans technology chief Greg Meffert and city vendor Mark St. Pierre was in its early stages. Agents had learned of a 2004 trip the pair took to Hawaii with Nagin’s family in tow.

There was no evidence at that stage that Nagin knew St. Pierre had bankrolled the trip to gain favor with Meffert, who was giving lucrative government contracts to St. Pierre’s firms. The trip, Bokelberg explained, was charged to Meffert’s Netmethods credit card, a company owned by St. Pierre.

These transgressions were just the tip of Ray’$ iceberg.  He went on to much bigger and better payoff$.

It is not like these people are not making a big buck while in office. Because they want to be a celebrity and a big-shot, enough is never enough. Their greed eventually catches up to them; they are publicly disgraced and sent to the cross bar hotel.  The people I fell sorry for are their family members that are unjustly tattooed with their sins.

As sophisticated as criminal investigations have become and the chances of getting caught are very high,  we would think that most criminals would have caught on by now not to get their


I have a little compassion for young dummies; but very little for the old ones that keep making the same mistakes time and time again.

To some of crooks, they do not have an aversion to being locked up.  It is like Old Home week, being reunited with half of their friends.


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