Puke palaces on the High Seas

Cruise ship passengers experience outbreak of vomiting, diarrhea after eating ship’s ‘bottomless brunch’

It looks like; after about 200 passengers ate the bottomless brunch on the cruise ship the Ovation of the Sea; they spent the rest of their day either in sick bay – hanging over the rail – with their heads in the toilets or squatting on the throne. Sounds like fun!! To think, some of them paid only a couple of grand each for this deluxe service.

What the hell is going on with cruise ship? They are supposed to be enriching people’s live with frolicking, food  and festivities; instead of trying to poison them.

Is it a difficult task to prepare food for 1,000’s of people at one time? Hell yes it is BUT this is the business they are in.  They are not shoe salesmen, they are in the cruise line business.

It is estimated, by the year 2027 that the cruise line industry will be raking in 57 BBBBillion dollar$ a year.  Presently  they are making a measly 37.5 billion.  I would have to assume that with that kind of $oldi coming in they should have all of their ducks in a row and be operating  flawlessly.

These are the 5 cruise lines with the most stomach bug outbreaks


Getting sick from the chow is one issue; the other black eye for the cruise industry  are people that start the cruise but never disembark at the end.





In my opinion, the devious/criminal element of people that take a cruise with their mate they hate, see an opportunity to discard their excess baggage and have a better chance of beating the rap than if they committed their crime on land.

One of the reasons the majority of cruise liners are not registered in the USA is because of liability issues and defending against lawsuits.  If and when there is a crime or a sue-able infraction occurs, it is almost impossible for the victims to collect because of the ramifications and the complex way it is set up, deliberately for that purpose.

No one can deny the thrills of going on a cruise, if all goes well, but there seems to be an element of danger attached to that luxury that more people should be aware of.

Logically; the cruise industry should have developed their meal preparation skills by now.  There is no excuse for 100’s of people at a time spending half of their trip puking over the rail.

images       Image: Paramedics dressed in protective attire enter the Bellriva, in Wiesbaden

The people who only got toe-mained are the lucky ones. At least they didn’t have a Hot-Shot Italian captain of their ship like Costa Concordia that wanted to show off his sailing skill to some of the ladies and it backfired on his big time, causing 32 deaths and 64 injuries.


We can’t live our lives with a paranoid state of mind but we should use good judgement  in where we go and what we do.

I guess if we all had a crystal ball, we might not want to look in it.





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