Encouragement from an expert

Jane Fonda praises Colin Kaepernick at ACLU awards gala: ‘Keep kneeling until you can stand’


What else would we expect from Hanoi Jane?? I would compare Hanoi Jane giving encouragement to Kaper-dick, the same as Aileen Wuornos  telling Jeffery Dahmer to continue having dinner parties for his closet friends.

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Anti-Americanism is in Hanoi Jane’s blood – she is an expert in disrespecting her country.  Through she may have changed her appearance and splashed on some high price cologne, she can not wipe the stripes off of a traitor.

I won’t go so far as to say; what Kaper-dick is doing with his protest is as severe as what Hanoi did, but the after-affects of the circus has created have made a indelible mark on this country by encouraging more and more people to disrespect the USA.

When this poor little rich girl, spoiled rotten, pampered bimbo chose to go to North Vietnam and sympathize with the enemy, her passport should have been pulled and left her to rot there with her new friends.


The ironic/sad part of this scenario, the USA did not belong in Vietnam and paid a very heavy price monetarily and with loss of life.  It was just one in a long line of invasions for profit initiated by the power-brokers in this country.

Because of who her daddy Henry Fonda was, a big movie star, who had a lot of friends in high places,  she got off with a slap on the wrist. Essentially Hanoi WAS a traitor to her country and should have been sent to prison.


So what kind of credence should we put behind Hanoi supporting and advising Kaper-dick  to keep kneeling? Little to none. We have to consider the source. I am sure that the traitor and the kneeler have quite a fan base that supports them.  Possibly if Kaper-dick didn’t have an aversion for old broads, they possibly could tied up.

I am a quite ambivalent on the subject. Long AFTER-THE-FACT, I definitely disagree with the USA invading Vietnam. I will agree protesting and peaceful demonstrating are a good thing as long as our country is not disrespected. To be even more specific; the people that run the country should have their necks on the chopping block instead of country.  It can get complicated.

I totally disagree with what Hanoi Jane did as well as Kaper-dick. As I have stated in the past, I will concede that I partially agree in their causes but do not like the way they have gone about it.

Are blacks being discriminated against more than other races? Absolutely yes; BUT they are committing the majority of the crimes that necessitate police intervention.  Less crime, less police intervention.



They still are evading the real issue. Less crime, less police intervention.

Was the USA wrong for invading Vietnam? Absolutely yes; BUT that did not give Hanoi Jane the a green light to sleep with the enemy.  They are both catch 22 situations that can be debated for years.

I just do not like Hanoi Jane or Kaper-dick and what they stand for.


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